Talent Recruitment

Talent Recruitment

As an international manufacturer for both liquid & powder equipment, SIEHE Industry takes safer, higher efficiency, more energy-saving, more environmental modernization production as mission, and continuously make contributions to the modernized progress of Chinese basic industries. Since the rapid development of its born, SIEHE Industry has become a leader in liquid and powder equipment industry. SIEHE Industry features unique management methods and corporate culture, and always gather the talents in the industry as well as the most positive attitude. We have been looking for YOU who are with ability, experience and positive attitude to join our family, working together to create a better future of fluid and powder processing technology.

Employment standards

Put person with both ability and political integrity in important position.
Appoint virtuous person though with little ability
Never appoint person without neither virtue nor ability.

Talents concept

make the best possible use of talents, give wide stage to show their talents, and shall be with both ability and political integrity.

Talent introducing concept

insist on widely recruit the talent, know them well and make the best of usage, take the morality, knowledge, ability and performance as a measure of the talents.

Talent training philosophy

respect the individual differences, take advantage of the strong points, optimize the human resource, and make the best possible use of the talent. Appoint by the ability and talent. The value is determined according to contribute.