New Products

New Products

SIEHE Industry Invented New Multi-Functional Laboratory Equipment!

Following the innovation of high-tech, high-performance and high-quality sand mill, Emulsifier and Mixer, SIEHE Industry launched a new laboratory equipment again, it integrates a variety of experimental functions, truly realized one machine with multi purposes, convenient and efficient; With the help of high quality accessories, high precision manufacturing, fast switching mode and convenient control interface, the operator can experience the fun of the experimental work easily!

This machine is a newly developed multi-function, high-performance laboratory machine (Model: SDYT-1100), it consists of the drive system, support systems, control systems, operating components and auxiliary systems. The host all adopts CNC machining centers and CNC lathes manufacturing, with high precision, stable operation, long service life; The working components include dispersing, emulsifying, grinding, mixing and several other kinds of working heads, they can be replaced freely and quickly.

Basket mill components are efficient wet grinding equipment for the dispersion and grinding for fluid slurry of middle and low viscosity, the viscosity is generally within the range of 10000CP, adopting fine grinding media (often use 95% yttrium stabilized zirconium beads), grinding fineness generally reach up to 5μm or less; specially designed drive dial, zirconia material, higher wear-resisting ability; the equipment is easy to clean and change the color, suitable for grinding a variety of products.

The high speed disperser components mainly used for a solid - liquid or liquid - liquid mixing and dispersing, the specially designed gear dispersers has a high linear velocity, can produce a strong shearing force, making the solid (liquid) dispersed or dissolved into the liquid quickly.

The emulsion components has two kinds of working head: high shear emulsifying head and Jetstream emulsifying head. High shear emulsification refers to distribute one or more phase into another continuous phase efficiently, rapidly and uniformly, while the phases are normally immiscible; The ordinary disperser usually cannot meet this requirements, while the dispersion effect generated by the high shear emulsification system is too strong, the Jetstream emulsifier is the best choice.

Vacuum mixing components: due to some slurry producing process requires a vacuum state to achieve a reduction or elimination of bubbles function, we specifically add the vacuum mixer components in this device, with various mixing method for options (including gear dispersing disk, butterfly type agitator, propeller type agitator), providing more possibilities for the lab experiments.

Stirring mill components: a relatively simple grinding mode, put the slurry and milling media into the grinding tank at the same time, seal the lid and start high-speed stirring, the grinding beads make high-speed movement, generating friction and impact force, so that refining the slurry.

This versatile laboratories machine has innovative design, reasonable structure, stable operation, and elegant appearance, the stainless steel surface is polished, the carbon steel surface is paint finishing, lifting system shell is aluminum alloy material. This device can be customized explosion-proof type.

Wisdom creates value! SIEHE Industry, as always, adheres to the concept of technological innovation, constantly absorbing the advanced technical knowledge to develop new products continuously, providing users with more quality services, we will make sure each factory with SIEHE product the most efficient, safe and environmental-friendly equipments, to be the solid backing of our customers!

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