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To promote the "13th Five Year Plan", SIEHE Industry joins lithium industry event


In order to promote China's chemical and physical power industry and maintain a healthy and sustained development momentum, as well as supporting CIBF2016 exhibition, SIEHE Industry accepted the invitation to participate in the China's chemical and physical power industry exhibition which held biennially. This is an international battery industry "nexus" grand gathering, on the one hand , it provides the opportunity to exchange the scientific research and industrial development results of 12th Five Year Plan, on the other hand it actively promote China's battery industry great opportunity during 13th Five Year Plan.

"China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF)" is a international regular meeting of battery industry which held by the Chinese Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, as the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, SIEHE industry is invited every year. The exhibition held every two years, is the international battery industry's largest exhibition. CIBF is an international convention with first registered trademark in China battery industry. In 2014, the Chinese chemical and physical power industry association successfully held the "Eleventh China International Battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF2014)" in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, now they decide to hold "twelfth China international battery Seminar / Exhibition (CIBF2016)" during May 24--26, 2016 in the same place.

In the chemical power industry, the battery industry has become the largest pillar industry in this field, which is the result of increasing demand for traditional applications market, constant emergence and rapid growth for the new battery (lithium-ion batteries as the representative) industry development and emerging application markets. Battery as the future promotion of new energy industry's most forward-looking technology, it plays a significant role in the projects in new energy grid, electric vehicles, smart grid, micro-grid, distributed energy systems, home energy storage system, no electricity supply area as well as future energy security. Battery industry is still in the early stages of development both in the world and in our country, especially has huge potential in China's market, probably become the world's largest energy storage applications market.

CIBF2014 exhibition has the area of ​​67,500 square meters, there are more than 3000 booths, it will has more than 20,000 visitors from 38 countries and regions visiting the exhibition, it is the world's ultra-large-scale professional exhibition in battery industry. CIBF2016 exhibition will have an area of ​​82,500 square meters, the number of booths will reach over 4000, there will be more than 40,000 spectators from over 50 countries and regions visiting this exhibition. Over the same period, they will hold the technology exchange convention which has the theme of "power batteries and storage batteries".

Global battery market demand keeps rapid growth with continuous expansion of application fields, China has already been the world's largest battery production base, the efficiency and technical requirements of the equipment which required during battery production is also increasing. SIEHE Industry has rich experience in battery production, mastering the powder, liquid automatic feeding system, distribution system, blending, mixing system, automatic packaging systems, automated control systems, and has made important breakthroughs in the field of anode material’s mxing and drying as well as high viscosity material mixing such as battery slurry, digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology, developed a variety of new products, greatly improved production efficiency and product uniformity. This exhibition is a very good opportunity for SIEHE Industry to show their new products, we hope that more partners and customers can recognize our cutting-edge technology and high-tech equipment through this exhibition!


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