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Solvay Group orders are officially delivered


Rencently,the coating line produced by Siehe Industry for the SOLVAY Group has been delivered.This successful cooperation marks that the global influence of Shihe Industry has reached a new height.

As an old chemical group born in the second industrial revolution,Solvay Group has always been at the forefront of technology in the chemistry industry in the past 150 years. Their products span a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, construction products, agricultural products, food, automotive, and energy. This shows that Solvey Group have great influence around the world. Because of the good reputation of Siehe Industry in the international arena and the strength in production R&D, Solvay Group finally decided to cooperate with our company.

Solvay Group's customized coating line includes barrel powder dumping system ,powder batching system ,vacuum conveying equipments , tri-shaft multi-functional mixers, automatic barrel washing machines,self-cleaning filtration system ,filling equipments, etc. In view of the high requirements of the level of automation and environmental protection, PLC control is involved in system operation. In the process equipment connection, our products increase the number of interlocks and prevent the danger of protection measures to confirm the fluency of the system,There is still a difficulty in the order. Because the final use is in Ohio,the US, considering the grounding of the system and the sustainability of the follow-up service, the motors of the system equipment all use American standard motors.

In terms of customer service, Siehe Industry also fully demonstrates the style of a big company. We will simulate the layout of the customer's production status and lay the corresponding pipelines, lines, tubing, etc. After receiving the equipment, the customer only needs to connect the power line to the equipment control cabinet to start using it, which greatly reduces the time and complexity of on-site installation.

In recent years, with the efforts of all the staff of Shihe Industry, our products and services have a high reputation in the world. With every order and every customer as an opportunity, Siehe Industry will not let go of any opportunity to upgrade itself and contribute to the "Made in China 2025".


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