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The Coating Line From Russian Customers Put Into Production Stage


Recently, after a year of discussion, Siehe Industry finally got an order from Russia KRASCOM company on their customized coating production line, that means the production line with a contract amount exceeding 10 million officially had stepped into equipment production stage. Siehe industry finally won the order by high cost performance and excellent service after a comprehensive comparion with the European counterparts.

Russia KRASCOM company was founded in 1997, engaged in high-tech coating sales and services for a long time. KRACOM has a good reputation and wide popularity in the coating industry. Their customers are from a group of industries in machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, road and bridge construction,oil and energy, etc. whoes coating area is over millions of square meters. 

Siehe industry met KRASCOM at Chinacoat 2016. The system design ability, product r&d and manufacturing capacity of Siehe industry impressed  KRASCOM after viewing the exhibition equipment and technical discussion. KRASCOM accepted the new powder automatic batching and pipeline solid-liquid mixing scheme proposed by Siehe Industry. Half a month after the end of the paint show, SIEHE and KRASCOM started a serie of small batch production experiments in Siehe factory, and finally got a satisfied results which contributed dirctly to contract confrimation.

In design stage, many doubts of customers and technical difficulties were solved by Siehe industry due to her rich experience in system design. The system consists of several sections: powder storage and automatic dosing systems, liquid storage and automatic dosing systems, continuous solid-liquid mixing and emulsifying equipment, paint mixing and tinting systems, filtration and filling systems, solvent cleaning and recycling systems, automated control system and etc. Fully automatic control and dust-free factory is the most prominent feature of this system which get good response and might lead the trend of paint production. SIEHE made a solid foundation for this revolution.

“Continuously products and service quality improvment, highly acception from customers” are main mission and responsibility of Shihe Industry. It is the pride of every Siehe people to turn clients’ ideas and expectations into reality. Siehe industry will keep serious in the future equipmen production, guarantee equipment quality, and finally show a satisfied answer to customers. We will always stick to SIEHE enterprise culture and lives up to “MADE IN CHINA”. 


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