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Siehe Industry wil participate in three coatings exhibitions


With the end of the Spring Festival, the new journey of Siehe Industry is about to begin. The three consecutive international coatings exhibitions held in the first quarter are the best starting point for Shihe Industrial to continue to explore the international market this year.


Dubai - Middle East Coatings Show

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, U.A.E.

Exhibition time: Feb.26 - 28th

Booth No.:L14

As one of the fastest growing international metropolises in the Middle East and even in the world, the expanding Dubai provides an excellent environment for the continuous development of the construction industry. The development of the construction industry has led to an increase in demand for construction chemicals such as coatings. At the same time, the huge wealth generated by the oil finance industry in the Gulf region, taking into account its unique geographical advantages (the middle regions of Africa, Europe and Asia), makes the Middle East Coatings Exhibition a gathering of global coatings exhibitors.


Moscow Crocus International Convention and Exhibition Center, Russia

Exhibition time: Mar.4 - 7th

Booth No.:FC088

In recent years, the use of Russian architectural coatings is growing rapidly, because Russia's domestic coatings industry is in the process of development, and Russia's domestic construction projects are booming. It is foreseeable that in the next few years, domestic shopping malls still need a lot of foreign coatings and equipment. The vastness of the market space has led to the Russian Paint Show attracting many exhibitors in the last few years, and the scale of the exhibition has expanded year by year.

Nuremberg - ECS 2019

Nuremberg Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany.

ExExhibition time: Mar.19-21st

Booth No.:6-154

The European Coatings Show was co-sponsored by the Nuremberg International Expo Group in Germany and the famous coating industry media Vincentz. Since the first exhibition in 1991, it has been successfully held for 14 times and has now developed into the largest professional exhibition in the world coating industry.

With the continuous development of the exhibition, the global popularity of Siehe Industry is also rising. During each exhibition, Siehe Industry will visit local customers to enhance their friendship and establish more new cooperation. We sincerely hope that the company's quality products will be displayed to users in Europe, Asia, Africa and the world through the exhibitions.


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