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United together to fight against the COVID-19


         At the beginning of 2020 China Spring Festival, an unexpected disaster appeared at Wuhan city China. The outburst of Coronavirus cold down the hilarious of festival. With strong infection, it spread across the whole nation of China in several weeks. All Chinese work together and fight against the war of fighting Coronavirus.

        For the unexpected situation, SIEHE industry actively respond to the call of the state, and we try our best to do what we can do.

        Considering the mass outbreaks in China and no cases outside of China at the very beginning, there are relatively plenty storage of medical supplies in other countries. SIEHE industry international department contacted clients at the first time, informed the situation in China and asked for medical materials support. Luckily lots of clients responded by the warmly recalling in China, sent medical supplies including mask and protection suits to us. SIEHE industry contacted RCSC, and delivered the related goods to those, who are working at the most dangerous place. We just do our bit for the people and for our nation.

       Hereby we would like to appreciate the following clients for their generous and kind help ( In no particular order):

1. Crown Paints   (Mr.Patrick Mwati+ Mr. Shailesh Patel)

2. Wallmo CZ  (Mr.Vaclav Vyskocil )

3. RELYON (Mr. Keneeth Liew)

          As the mask shortage in China for the unexpected situation, SIEHE industry as a professional company in design, manufacturing non standard machines, with abundant technical experience. After the discussions among technical department, SIEHE industry decide to manufacture mask machines. SIEHE industry has got complete MASK MAKING MACHINE design and manufacturing technical. With the help of our accumulated rich experience, we have settled down the production process and spare parts suppliers. After month’s preparation, Siehe automatic production line for high speed flat ear belt type mask is ready for mass production. For more detailed information or technical details / machine catalogue, please feel free to call us.

         At present, SIEHE industry are back to normal work. During this period, SIEHE industry actively do the protection work to ensure all workers are healthy and to manufacture qualified machines on time. We hold in the belief that, under the leadership of CPC central committee and the state council, and with the concerted efforts of the Chinese people, we will surely win the final victory in the fight against COVID-19.




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