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Protein bar production lines for SOFC successfully delivered


Recently, the site commissioning of the four sets of protein bar production lines provided by SIEHE Industry for SOFC USA (located in Utah, USA) is successfully completed. And they have been officially put into production.

          The core products of SOFC USA are protein bar products related to fitness and body shaping. Their protein bar products become the favorite of many local profesional fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts in the United States. The market blowout requires rapid expansion of production capacity. Besides the 24-hour/day running lines, further cooperation is under plan and implementation.

       The whole production line consists of

Powder batching system (Ton-bag unpacking feeding and Small-bag unpacking feeding),

Liquid batching system (three kinds of materials with large viscosity differences)

Mixing system

Materials discharging system

Heating and cooling system

Auto control system.

The whole line is with high automation and meet with the requirements of food GMP.

Because the lines from SIEHE Industry is to-be used for various products with big difference in property (such as viscosity), SIEHE Industry has cooperated with SOFC (USA) closely to carry out tests for many times and to optimize the machine structure. What SIEHE Industry has done and what SIEHE Industry has provided obtain high praise from the customer.

Due to time difference, instant communication is a major trouble. Relying on the principle of Customer is God, SIEHE Industry employee adjusts his work period, works late at night for more than half a month continuously. With the most powerful service, the production lines start normal production smoothly in the shortest time, which creates great benefits for the customer and also makes our following mutual cooperation more stable.

 For years, Siehe Industry has maintained long-term cooperation with many well-known companies both in domestic and foreign market such as BASF, 3M, and SOLVAY etc.. Siehe Industry has always been adhering to the concept of customer-centric. In recent years, with the efforts of all the Siehe staff, our products and services have gained a high reputation worldwide; "Made in China" will continue to create more miracles!


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