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Product Introduction

Lab High-speed Disperser is especially designed small-batch dispersing and mixing materials in universities, scientific research institutions, laboratory etc..It is with digital speed display, various speed control, can run for a long time, low noise and stable operation. The dispersing disc can be easily disassembled. Simple structure and easy operation. It is an ideal laboratory test equipment.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤25000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 0.2-50L
【Application Industry】: Suitable for dispersing, mixing materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, food, paint, ink, adhesive, pigment, fertilizer etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”
【Applicable Materials】: Suitable for all kind of non explosive nor flammable materials with viscosity less than 25000cps, solid content less than 60% such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, water-based ink etc.


    • Lab High Speed Disperser
    • coating disperser machine
    • ink disperser machine
    • emulsioni paint disperser
    • vacuum disperser

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    Product Advantages

    Higher efficiency, better quality
    The Max. rotation speed can be up to 8000rpm, linear velocity can be up to 33m/s (recommended linear velocity is 20-25m/s) , it can rapidly disperse the powder in the liquid evenly; Due to its high shear forces, the material will be uniformly dispersed and formed a good suspension effect. Due to the strong shearing force , the materials are dispersed evenly and form good suspension effect.
    Easy and Safe Operation.
    With locking and lifting handle, can lift up and down and fixed manually conveniently.
    The dispersing disc is fixed to the main shaft with Hexagon socket-head cap screws, which can be disassembled and exchanged quickly, easy to clean.
    With manual simple clamping to fix the tanks properly to prevent from accident due to the tank displacement during operation.
    Little temperature increase
    The tank working with the machine is with cooling jacket. Excellent cooling result can be achieved by inputting cooling water into the jacket when the machine is running . Normally the temperature increase will be less than 10℃

      • Lab High Speed Disperser working principle

      Working Principle

      Through the high-speed rotation dispersing disc, the materials will become in annular form flow, resulting in strong vortex flow, which descend down to the bottom of the vortex in spiral state. During the process, materials are dispersed, dissolved, mixed and emulsified efficiently due to the strong shearing crash and friction among the particles.

      Typical Case

      Paint Lab High-speed Disperser
      The client, an international renowned painting enterprise, keep good relationship with Siehe Industrials. For developing a new top-end coating, the client is doing experiment with our engineer in our lab room.

      【Viscosity】:2000 cps

        • Lab High Speed Disperser typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Power Supply

        Power (w)


        Disk Dia.










        220V 50HZ



        Φ50,Φ80 dispersing disc

        Φ45,Φ60 sand mill disc

        Materials contact is SS304


        With a 1.5Ltank

        Manual lifting

        270x110 x 530



        220V 50HZ



        Φ80,Φ100 dispersing disc

        Materials contact is SS304


        Manual lifting




        220V 50HZ



        Φ100, Φ150 dispersing disc

        Materials contact is SS304


        Manual lifting

        750x750 x 1500



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