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Product Introduction

Lab High-shear Emulsifier is a lab machine designed for small quantity experiment in lab. It narrows the particle size of Liquid-liquid and liquid-solid materials through external mechanical force and distributes one phase materials into another phase or many other phases evenly to realize good homogenizing, dispersing and emulsifying result. As a result, the materials become stable emulsion. Several workheads are available. The smallest applicable container is standard tube with diameter 15mm.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤5000 cps
【Production Capacity】: ≤5L/batch
【Application Industry】: Suitable for dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, food, ink, textile auxiliary, cosmetic lubricating oil and fertilizer etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”)
【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for production process for solution, gel, suspension or emulsion of solid - liquid, liquid- liquid materials such as juice, soup bases, milk production, tissue homogenate, cosmetics, surfactants, asphalt, emulsifier, oil field chemicals etc.


    • Lab High-shear Emulsifier
    • homogenizer

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    Product Advantages

    High efficiency, high product quality
    The speed can go up to 12000rpm. It is able to disperse powder/liquid into liquid rapidly. The stator and rotor processed with high precision is with tiny clearance.  Materials under strong shearing force can be dispersed even and become good suspension. 
    Easy operation
    Equipped with lock handle, can be lifted and fixed quickly; Electrical control and drive motor is integrated, convenient to control. With digital display, easy to read and to set related value.
    Wide range application
    Equipped with long hole, round hole, mesh and other different forms of the stator to meet the requirements of different materials.

      • Lab High-shear Emulsifier working principle

      Working Principle

      high-speed rotation motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, which generates vacuum environment between the stator and rotor. So materials are sucked into the chamber from the top of the stator &rotor and also from the bottom. Rotor driven by the strong kinetic energy creates high linear speed, which puts the materials under comprehensive action of strong crushing, tearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction etc between the precision-engineered gap of the stator and rotor. After processed, the materials are flying out and generates strong turbulence under the action of forces from different direction. Stable emulsion is obtained after repeated disaggregation, dispersion, homogenization, shearing for a certain period with help of mature production technology and certain quantity emulsifier. 

      Typical Case

      Textile auxiliary homogenizing experiment
      Siehe Industry has supplied lab emulsifying homogenizing equipment for Zhejiang University and Jiaotong University. And we have provide laboratory building and lab test service for hundreds and customers who send materials to us. and has supplied processing on giving materials lab service or lab building for hundreds customers.

      【Model】:5000 cps

        • Lab High-shear Emulsifier typical case

        Technical Parameter



        Power (w)


        Adjusting speed way

        Speed display

        Rotor head diametermm

        Stator head specificationsmm






        220V 50HZ



        Button type, various speed control

        Digital display


        mesh, long hole, round hole

        Material contacting part SS304


        Manual lifting

           * Special operation condition, such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible and corrosive etc, details are required for correct model selection.  
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