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Product Introduction

Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum) consists of automatic input and output track system, material automatic convey system, filter system, automatic canned metering system,the air and ground operation path, control system. Implements the process of send into barrels automatically- automatic peeling - automatic seek the barrel mouth -automatic fall down - fast canned - slow accurate canned- automatically rise after canned - seek barrels mouth repeatedly - four barrel canned end - automatic send barrels out - new bucket automatically to the filling position.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤50,000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 200-2,000kg
【Application Industry】: Suitable for filling of materials in industries such as coating, ink, adhesive(glue), resin, chemical solvent, lubricant, pesticide, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Materials shall be with viscosity less than50,000cps, liquid or slurry with a certain liquidity such as edible oil, emulsion paint, color paste, industrial paint, curing agent, organic solvent, water-based ink, suspension concentrate, adhesive, detergent, etc..


    • Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum)

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    Product Advantages

    Filling quickly, wide application
    Filling head adopt double speed (slow and fast) filling, can effectively improve the filling speed, cost savings, and reduce the workers’ work pressure; Due to the weighing type design, it is suitable for round, square, flat and various diameter of filling.
    A high degree of automation
    System adopt international famous brand PLC automatic control system, which has two kinds of mode as automatic and manual , and can be set and stored for more than 30 group formula, greatly improving the efficiency and facilitate for the production data management.
    Filling of high precision, high degree of intelligence
    The machine adopt international famous Mettler Toledo weighing sensor, weighing platform accuracy can reach more than two over ten thousand, thus ensure filling accuracy; Equipped with automatic control instrument, to realize automatic feeding; With functions of boot automatically reset, automatic weight error correction, power-off protection, fault detection function, Wrong operation restore the factory Settings, etc.,the intelligent advantage is obvious.
    Environmental protection index outstandingand safe
    The feed of filling use pipe connection, less solvent evaporation, and the environment is good; Filling head can be designed with ascending form, which is suitable for processing easy foaming material.

      • Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum) working principle

      Working Principle

      Working Principle:
      Automatic control instrument receive weight signal of the weighing sensor, control charging valve opening (0-90 degrees), to achieve the purpose of automatic filling; Whether the filling head design with function of ascending depend on the characteristic of the material.
      Manual lift the tray (contain empty barrels) to the power convey rail(Empty barrel position, can be designed in multiple storage place).
      Filling area gives signal, automatic remove the empty barrels tray  to the filling area.
      Artificial move filling mouth to the bunghole, positioning, and send out start filling signal. The controller is monitoring automatically and feedback control signals. According to the control signal, use the electromagnetic valve to control, filling valve achieve the big, small, and cut off control of the flow.(Filling mouth lifting control can be designed according to the material characteristics.)
      The tank being filled automatically moved to the next stage of power convey track (Finished product position, can be designed for multiple storage place).
      The forklift move the finished product pallet to the finished goods warehouse storage prepare for delivery.

      Typical Case

      Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum) handover
      This customer is a professional production enterprise of lubricating oil in Singapore , photos are the sets of Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum) Siehe customized for them, filling volume200 kg*4.


        • Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum) typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Power Supply

        Air Source


        Weighing kg

        Filling Speed


        Division Value



        Scales Stage Size


        Filling Accuracy


        Convey Railm







        Material Contact SS304 Stainless Steel




           * If works under special environment such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible, corrosive etc., detail data is required for correct model selection.
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