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Product Introduction

Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine control part adopts the most advanced intelligent man-machine interface control, large screen touch screen display/control panel operation, including temperature setting, motor speed, production speed and so on, directly display on the screen, and can be directly control and adjust on the screen. Materials contacting part adopts stainless steel SUS304, SUS316L material, the machine with safe transparent cover, with safety switch, when door open, the machine automatically stop working. Random with automatic pipe sending and lifting device, after hose in row, it automatically inserted into the positioning mould, hose direction positioning, adopting photoelectric and servo motor control, to ensure accurate sealing, 16-1- automatic rotary, from the supply,lift, filling, sealing, exit of hose, all automatic operation, and with no tube not filled design at the same time. Digital high speed filling weighing measurement regulator is installed front and below outside the machine, it is extremely convenient. Filling mouth stretch into the bottom of material tube, filling while step out, which ensure that the material will not overflow due to air in to bring the empty section, and affect accuracy. For strong viscous drawing materials, it is equipped with blowing broken shearing device, ensure that the sealing is not affected. Optional forms for the customer automatically selected according to need. It is mainly used for the filling and sealing of material use metal hose as packaging container, widely used in product packaging of medicine, daily chemical ,food ,chemical and other industries; Artificial insert metal hose index into dial header (16 points), using mechanical automatic inversion. Automatically detect, confirm the tube and put right, filling system began to automatic measuring filling, and then to three fold, or four fold with double direction sealing,Printing batch number and finished product.

【Application Industry】: Suitable for area such as medicine, daily chemical, food, chemical,pesticide, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Materials shall be with viscosity less than 100,000cps, filling and sealing of liquid or slurry with a certain liquidity such as ointment, adhesive, AB rubber, neoprene, epoxy glue, skin scream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, etc..


    • Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine
    • filling machine

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    Product Advantages

    High production efficiency, stable product
    Automatic in tube, put tube, filling,sealing, high production efficiency, production capacity can reach nearly 4000 hits/ hour; Plug-in follow-up  injection materials, fill materials starting at the bottom of the tube, exclude tube air, reduce oxidation products, improve product quality.
    A high degree of automation, easy operation
    With PLC control, easy to operate, Practical, one person finished operation, equipped with imported components, the quality is stable and reliable.
    Easy to adjust, wide application
    Tilting type tube box, loading convenient, smooth and can be made, just need to adjust a part when replace products, avoid hard products replace; Mechanical feed pipe, pressure pipe into the cup, stable and reliable, replacing products just need to adjust a parts, it avoids the trouble of product change.
    Sanitation and Environment
    Smooth surface of the machine, no clean corner, materials full contact with high quality stainless steel 304/316L, strictly in accordance with GMP standard.

      • Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine working principle

      Working Principle

      Labor to hollow plastic pipe into the array type tilting type tube box, the mechanical device press the plastic pipe automatic into the cup; After filling head monitoring to the plastic tube, inserted into the pipe and then follow-up fill material, filling is starting at the bottom of the tube, exclude tube air, reduce oxidation products, and complete filling; Quick change type jaw complete sealing straight, round , special-shaped tail sealing; Automatic push rod will launch tube cup, through the chute into finished product in the box, complete a filling process, and work recycled.

      Typical Case

      Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine handover
      The customer is located in wuhan, China, it is a Chinese medicine family, have the higher popularity in the field of spinal treatment. photos are the set of Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine Siehe customized for them.

      【Features】:Emulsion medicines

        • Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Power Supply: ~220V/50HZ±10%
        Power:host(electrical heating )
        Production capacity:3000-4200(piece/hour)36(kw)
        Measuring Accuracy: <2%
        Air Pressure: 0.6(mpa/cm2)
        Weight: 600(kg)

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