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Product Introduction

The progress of modern science and technology make all walks of life are gradually entering into the automatic intelligent generation. SIEHE Industry has professional R&D team, who has continuous innovation, and has been developing sorts of new product keeping pace with the times. We have formed a series of product: Semi/Automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type), Semi/Automatic Filling Machine (Weighing Type), Semi/Automatic Filling Machine (Big Drum), Automatic Filling and Sealing Machine. At the same time, we have accumulated many filling material characteristics and experience of the industry; we will try to provide customers with perfect personalized solutions and products.

【Application Industry】: Suitable for filling of materials in industries such as biology, medicine, food, coating, ink, adhesive, dye, pesticide, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )


    • Customized Filling Machine

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    Product Advantages

    Strong design, innovate ability
    SIEHE Industry has many years of experience in mixer application from all walks of life, and we have formed a R&D Team composing of undergraduate, graduate, foreign experts, and senior engineers, which have excellent design and development capability.
    Various modes
    We provide weighing method and volume method filling machine ,and can customize automation equipment for different customer requirement, for multi-functions such as barrel picking, dividing, cover lift, press screw cover, spraying the code, sealing, boxing, stacking.

      • Customized Filling Machine Working principle

      Working Principle

      Weighing method: Automatic control instrument receive weight signal of the weighing sensor, control charging valve opening (0-90 degrees), to achieve the purpose of automatic filling; with a roller conveyor and lid-pressing/clamping device, the machine complete the material filling and sealing process.
      Volume method: By adjusting the plunger volume (plunger pump or repeated cylinder ) to achieve filling quantity control.

      Typical Case

      Customized Filling Machine handover
      The customer is Australian leading silicone production-oriented enterprises, the picture is the Automatic Silicone Filling Machine SIEHE Industry customized for them. The equipment including storage pipe putting box, bobbin conveyor, pneumatic filling pump, automatic cover machine, pneumatic capping device and electrical control


        • Customized Filling Machine typical case

        Technical Parameter

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