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Product Introduction

High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine adopts gravimetric method to measure, by screw extruder or high viscosity convey pump (such as screw pump, rotor pump) for feeding, conveying device with the function of frequency speed control can realize quick or slow feeding. Weighing sensor output signal control screw and the discharge of the pump (fast, slow, or stop feeding) to achieve automatic filling. The filter device can be added before filling to guarantee the quality of products. The machine is the dedicated filling machine SIEHE Industry developed for processing high viscosity product.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤500,000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 5-50kg
【Application Industry】: Suitable for filling of various high viscosity materials such as ink, adhesive, chemical, cosmetic, food, medicine, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Materials shall be with viscosity less than 500,000cps, liquid or slurry with a certain liquidity such as putty, stone coating, ointment, adhesive, AB glue, neoprene adhesive, epoxy adhesive, skin ointment, hair dye, shoe polish, tooth paste, etc..


    • High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine
    • liquid filling machine

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    Product Advantages

    Filling quickly, wide application
    The machine adopt double speed (slow and fast) filling, can effectively improve the filling speed, cost savings, and reduce the workers’ work pressure; Due to the weighing type design, it is suitable for round, square, flat and various diameter of filling.
    Filling with high precision, high degree of intelligence
    The machine adopt international famous brand Mettler Toledo weighing sensor, weighing platform accuracy can reach more than two over ten thousand, thus ensure filling accuracy; Equipped with automatic control instrument, to realize automatic feeding; With functions of boot automatically reset, automatic weight error correction, power-off protection, fault detection function, Wrong operation restore the factory Settings, etc., the intelligent advantage is obvious.
    Environmental protection index outstanding and safe operation
    The feed of filling use pipe connection, immediately after filling, the lid-clamping and lid-pressing finished quickly, less solvent evaporation, and the environment is good; And explosion-proof type filling machine can be customized. 

      • High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine Working principle

      Working Principle

      Automatic control instrument receive weight signal of the weighing sensor,control the quick or slow feeding speed of feeding device, to achieve the purpose of automatic filling; With a roller conveyor and lid-pressing/clamping device, the machine complete the material filling and sealing process.

      Typical Case

      High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine handover
      This customer, based in Kuwait, is a professional production enterprise of coatings putty, photos are the production site of the two sets of High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine SIEHE customized for them.

      【Features】:Putty, containing the two specifications package of barrel and packing bags

        • High Viscosity Semi-automatic Filling Machine typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Power Voltage: 380V
        Air Pressure: 4kg/cm²
        Production Capacity: 2~4 barrels & bags/min
        Filling Volume: 5-50kg
        Filling Accuracy: ±0.2%
        Material: material contacting part SS304 stainless steel

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