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Product Introduction

Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type) adopts volumetric method to measure, through the way adjusting the plunger volume to realize the control of filling quantity. It is equipped with a pump in the front end of the feeding port, or pressuring the material tanks to send material from tank to the filling machine. The filter device can be added before filling to guarantee the quality of products. The reciprocating movement of the piston achieves filling rapidly. The equipment has advantages of high filling efficiency and easy maintenance. SIEHE Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type) is widely used in industries such as coating, printing ink, paint, asphalt, glue, lubricant, petrochemical, fineness chemical etc.. It is suitable for the filling of high, medium and low viscosity liquid.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤100,000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 500-20,000ml
【Application Industry】: Suitable for filling of liquid in industries such as coating, paint, ink, adhesive, curing agent, organic solvent, daily chemical, detergent, pesticide, medicine, lubricant, edible oil , etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Materials shall be with viscosity less than 100,000 cps, liquid or slurry with a certain liquidity such as edible oil, emulsion paint, color paste, industrial paint, curing agent, organic solvent, water-based ink, suspension concentrate, adhesive, detergent, etc..


    • Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type)

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    Product Advantages

    Filling quickly, wide application
    Filling head can use single or double, piston working, high filling speed, cost savings, and reduce the workers’ work pressure; It is suitable for round, square, flat and various diameter of filling.
    Convenient operation, easy maintenance
    Pedal switch operation, convenient and practical,operation can be finished by one person, all equipped with imported components, so the quality is stable and reliable.
    Environmental protection index outstanding and safe operation
    Full pneumatic control meet the requirements of explosion-proof; Immediately after filling, the lid-clamping and lid-pressing finished quickly, less solvent evaporation, and the environment is good.

      • Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type) Working principle

      Working Principle

      When feeding valve is open, discharging valve is closed, the piston rod back kick, to draw the material from raw material tank into piston cavity; Close the feeding valve and open the discharging valve, piston rod pushed forward, to bring the material from piston cavity to the tank. Reciprocating work, with a roller conveyor and lid-pressing/clamping device, the machine completes the material filling and sealing process. 

      Typical Case

      Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type) handover
      This customer, based in Singapore, is a professional production enterprise of coatings, photos are the Volume Type Semi-automatic Filling Machines SIEHE customized for them, filling range is 20kg.

      【Features】:Double head filling, varnish

        • Semi-automatic Filling Machine (Volume Type) typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Air Source


        Filling Range


        Filling Speed



        Filling Error




        Gland Way





        Material Contact SS304 Stainless Steel



        clamping/pressing lid





        Material Contact SS304 Stainless Steel



        clamping/pressing lid





        Material Contact SS304 Stainless Steel



        clamping/pressing lid

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