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Product Introduction

Filter cart consists of a stainless steel bag type filter, a pneumatic diaphragm pump, air filter and oil lubricator, single air control valve, all the components are on the cart. It can be removed to any place of the production line. There are multi-method of filter group in option, normally, it is a group consists of a bag-type filter and a cartridge filter. Delivery pump sucks the raw materials from finished vessel to the filter group, go through the bag filter for coarse filtration first and then go toe the cartridge filter for fine filtration to obtain required finished products.

【Material Viscosity】: ≤50,000 cps
【Filtering Fineness】: 0.1-50um
【Application Industry】: Suitable for filtration materials in industries such as food, paint, ink, adhesive, pigment, pesticide, water treatment, paper making and etc.(For more information, please click Free consultation)
【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for all kind of slurry with viscosity less than 10,000 cps, filtration fineness is more than 0.5um such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, water-based ink, pesticides, adhesives etc.


    • Filter Unit

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    Product Advantages

    Better sealing
    Filter Unit from Siehe Industry is with special sealing structure, combining with special sealing ring and special mouth of the filter bag, it can avoid any possible materials leakage.
    SIEHE filteris designed with special sealing structure, matched with appropriative sealing rings and opening to avoid leakage.
    Easier to replace, safer and energy saving
    With advantages of little probability of side leakage, high filtration accuracy is ensured, and it is quick to change the filter bags/cartridge . They can bear big working pressure, little pressure loss, low running cost and energy saving.
    High filtration accuracy, wide application range
    With high filtration accuracy, suitable for any tiny particles and suspensions with filtration range from 0.1um to 50um.
    Better maneuverability
    Filter Unit can be moved easily.
    The flow of the pneumatic diaphragm pump is adjustable , in addition it is with certain suction and lift as well as self-protection function to ensure the pump will not be damaged even when the filter is blocked.

      • Filter Unit working principle

      Working Principle

      Filter Unit consists of several stainless steel filter, a pneumatic diaphragm pump, air filter and oil lubricator, single air control valve, all the components are on a stainless steel trolley.
      Pneumatic diaphragm sucks the raw materials from tank or vessel to the filter shell and goes into the filter though the inlet at the side of shell. Finished materials are de4livered into multi-grade filtration accuracy filter-elements (such as a group of 10um, 5um, 1um) to meet the finial requirement.
      Pneumatic diaphragm pump sucks the raw materials from tank or vessel to the filter shell and goes into the filter for coarse filtration though the inlet at the side of shell first, then the filtrated materials go through cartridge filters with different filtration accuracy (10um, 5um, 1um..) for fine filtration to obtain the required materials.
      Stainless steel removable cart is easy to move due to its universal wheels. No sparks during operation so that it can work during ex-proof surroundings.

      Typical Case

      Filter Unit Handover
      This is a famous Chinese ink manufacturer whose pen ink is so popular around the world, who bought a series of products including a mixing plant, automation control system, basket mill and filter unit etc.

      【Model】: SGLZ Series
      【Filtration Fineness】: 1um
      【Features】: Bag-type Filter,Cartridge type Filter, 4 stage Filter, SS304 Bag-type Filter, Single Barrel, SS304.

        • Filter Unit typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Max Flow: 40 m³/h
        Filtration Fineness:0.1-50 μm

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