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Product Introduction

Cartridge Type Filter is a filtration device with high precision. It mainly consists of cartridge, shell and fixing device. Liquid enters from the filter inlet, the impurities will be stopped at the surface and inner layer of the cartridge when they go through the cartridge. The clean liquid flow out from the outlet. Cartridge Type Filter from is mainly used for filtrating material with low-and-mid viscosity. It is applicable for different filtration ways such as finish cartridge filtration, fine filtration and millipore filtration to remove the tiny impurities and bacteria out of the finished products.

【Material Viscosity】: ≤50,000 cpse
【Filtration Accuracy】: 0.5-1,000um
【Application Industry】: Suitable for filtration materials in industries such as food, paint, ink, adhesive, pigment, pesticide, water treatment, paper making and etc.(For more information, please click Free consultation)
【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for all kind of materials with viscosity less than 100000 cps, filtration accuracy shall be more than 0.5um such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, water-based ink, pesticides, adhesives etc.


    • Filter element type filter

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    Product Advantages

    Better sealing
    Cartridge type Filter from Siehe Industry is with special sealing structure, combining with special sealing ring and special mouth of the filter bag, it can avoid any possible materials leakage.
    Easy to replace, safe and energy saving
    With advantages of little probability of side leakage, high filtration accuracy is ensured, and it is quick to change the bags. Bag-type filter can bear big working pressure, little pressure loss, low running cost and energy saving.
    High filtration accuracy, wide application range
    With high filtration accuracy, suitable for liquid cartridge filtration, fine filtration and millipore filtration to remove the tiny impurities and bacteria from the products. The filtration accuracy can be up to 0.05um.

      • Filter element type filter working principl

      Working Principle

      Cartridge Filter, a pressure type filter, mainly consists of filtration cartridge, cover and quick-open structure. Liquid goes into the cartridge through the inlet on the side of the device shell. After going through the cartridge with required filtration level, qualified liquid can be obtained because all the impurity particles are blocked by the filter bag during this process. It is easy to change the cartridge and generally no materials loss during the filtration process.

      Typical Case

      Cartridge type Filter Handover
      This is a famous ink manufacturer in China who has bought a series of products including High-speed Disperser, Basket Mill, Cartridge type Filter and Filling Machine etc to produce water-based ink.

      【Model】: SLX
      【Filtration Area】: 0.25m2
      【Features】: Cartridge type filter, single barrel type, SS304

        • Filter element type filter typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Max. Flow: 30 m³/h
        Filtration Fineness: 0.5-1500 μm

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