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Product Introduction

In the actual production, the factors such as materials feature, production process, operation requirement and volume etc. varies a lot, so besides the normal standard vessels, Siehe also do non-standard vessels’ customizing. The customized vessels can be combined with dispersing, grinding, emulsifying, heating, cooling and vacuum function, to fulfill the needs of different production process.

【Material Feature】: Powder, liquid or paste with good fluidity
【Production Capacity】: 5-100,000L
【Application Industry】: Chemistry, biological, pharmaceutical, food, paint, adhesives, dyes, pesticides etc.(for more information please click “FREE CONSULATION)
【Applicable Materials】: Paste, fluids, powder; such as resin, adhesives, pesticides, fertilizer, biological, pharmaceutical food, etc


    • Customized Vessels

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    Product Advantages

    Variety of Models, Wide Application
    Siehe customizes non-standard vessels for various industries according to client’s requirements, diverse models are for option:
    According to size, divided into: lab type, pilot type and industrial type;
    According to mobility, divided into: fixed type, movable type;
    According to structure, divided into: top flat cover & bottom dished end type, top flat cover & cone bottom type, top & bottom dished end type, top dished end & cone bottom type, round cylinder type, support leg type, lug type, movable type, etc.
    According to application, divided into: storage vessel, temporary storage vessel, mixing vessel, etc.
    High Quality
    Siehe Industry has been always targeting the middle and high-end market with first-class quality, and follows the process of inspecting, auditing and recording of every procedure from designing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly to commissioning and keeps full records for checking.

      • Customized Vessels working principle

      Working Principle

      Siehe Industry adopts Baosteel / Pohang high-quality steel; adopt CNC cutting and automatic treats; argon arc welding; automatic polishing; ensure high quality.

      Typical Case

      Non-standard vessels delivery
      The customer is a famous chemicals production enterprise in China, the photo shows a set of vessels Siehe customized for them.

      【Model】: SCG-6000
      【Volume】: 6000L
      【Features】:Top and bottom dished end, pressure vessel

        • Customized Vessels typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Design Volume: 1-100,000L
        Equipment material should be chosen according to mixture’s corrosive property and production process
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