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Product Introduction

Intermediate tank, is a kind of temporary storage container applicable for petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food and other industries. Intermediate tank can be also used for liquid and powder dispatching process, such as layering, solvents and water separation, purification, etc. The equipment material usually adopts carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, zirconium, nickel based (Harrington, Meng Naier, Kang Nie) alloy and other composite materials. Siehe Industry mainly produces the stainless steel or carbon manganese steel model.

【Material Feature】: Powder, liquid or paste with good fluidity
【Production Capacity】: 5-100,000L
【Application Industry】: Chemistry, biological, pharmaceutical, food, paint, adhesives, dyes, pesticides etc.(for more information please click “FREE CONSULATION)
【Applicable Materials】: Paste, fluids, powder; such as resin, adhesives, pesticides, fertilizer, biological, pharmaceutical food, etc.


    • Intermediate Tank

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    Product Advantages

    Variety of Models, Wide Application
    Siehe intermediate tank is widely used in different industry, customized according to client’s requirements, variety of models are for option:
    According to size, divided into: lab type, pilot type and industrial type;
    According to mobility, divided into: fixed type, movable type;
    According to structure, divided into: top flat cover & bottom dished end type, top flat cover & cone bottom type, top & bottom dished end type, top dished end & cone bottom type, round cylinder type, support leg type, lug type, movable type, etc.
    According to application, divided into: storage tank, temporary storage tank, mixing tank, etc.
    High Quality
    Siehe Industry has been always targeting the middle and high-end market with first-class quality, and follows the process of inspecting, auditing and recording of every procedure from designing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly to commissioning and keeps full records for checking.
    Non-standard, Different Equipment Material for Option
    Different equipment material is for option according to different raw materials feature, fulfill different working condition.

      • Intermediate Tank working principle

      Working Principle

      Siehe Industry adopts Baosteel / Pohang high-quality steel; adopt CNC cutting and automatic treats; argon arc welding; automatic polishing; ensure high quality.

      Typical Case

      Intermediate tank delivery
      This customer’s company head quarter is located in Brazil, the photo shows the paint complete production line specially customized by Siehe, in which you can see lots of intermediate tank of different specification.

      【Volume】: 2000L
      【Features】:Closed type

        • Intermediate Tank typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Design Volume: 5-10,000L
        Equipment material should be chosen according to mixture’s corrosive property and production process

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