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Product Introduction

Various kinds of agitator combination optional for providing mixing device with more optimized, more reliable and lower maintenance cost and running cost. The machine is suitable for mixing solid-solid, liquid-liquid (dissolving, dispersing), solid-liquid, air-liquid or combination of materials in different state.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤2,000,000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 50-50,000L
【Application Industry】: Suitable for stirring and mixing materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, food, coating, ink, adhesive, dyestuff, pesticide, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Materials shall be with viscosity less than 2,000,000cps, various slurry with solid content under 60% such as emulsion paint, industrial paint, water-based ink, pesticide, adhesive, clay, etc..


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    • Customized Mixers

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    Product Advantages

    High mixing efficiency, excellent product quality
    Siehe Industry has years of application experience is various industries. Reasonable agitator and rotation speed will be recommended as per the materials property and different mixing effect requirements. And the materials will carry out axial and radial motion at same time to mix the materials thoroughly and uniformly within a short period.
    Various installation ways
    We are capable of design and manufacturing hundreds of agitators (Axial flow, Radial flow and Tangential flow). Following are some widely used agitators: three-blade propeller, four- wide blade propeller, three-blade inclined turbine, four-blade inclined turbine, six-blade inclined turbine, six-blade inclined disc turbine, six-blade inclined disc turbine, six curved blade disc turbine (Frame type),six curved blade disc turbine(Anchor type), double helix type, screw type, helix & screw type, cone helix type, breaking helix type, three retreat blade agitator etc.. And we also provide design and manufacture various kinds of combined agitators.
    Customized options
    Different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type, with lifting cover type, mounted on kettle type, etc.. Material can be customized to be SS321 \SS316L Stainless Steel or spraying treatment.

      • Customized Mixers working principle

      Working Principle

      Mixing agitator driven by the power unit rotates in a fixed direction, which drives the materials to rotate in axial and radial direction; And the materials inside the tank, at the same time, also do axial and circular motion. So materials can be mixed and blended properly with high efficiency.
      Through the high-speed rotation toothed disc, the materials flow in an annular form resulting in strong vortex. The vortex spiral materials down to the bottom of the vortex. The intensive shearing, crashing and friction force generated between the particles disperse, dissolve and mix materials efficiently.  The stirring disc, through the circular motion, produces a good radial function, which accelerate the material circulation and improve the efficiency of dispersing.
      Precision-engineered stator and rotor match with each other perfectly. High-speed rotation motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, which generates vacuum condition between the stator and rotor. So materials are sucked into the chamber from the top of the stator &rotor and also from the bottom. Rotor driven by the strong kinetic energy creates high linear speed, which puts the materials under comprehensive action of strong crushing, tearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction etc between the precision-engineered gap of the stator and rotor. After processed, the materials are flying out and generate strong turbulence under the action of forces from different direction. Stable emulsion is obtained after repeated disaggregation, dispersion, homogenization, shearing for a certain period with help of mature production technology and certain quantity emulsifier.
      Lifting (pneumatic ,hydraulic) type or mounted on kettle type can be customized; Mixing impeller can be single shaft, dual shaft and tri-shaft multi-functional types.

      Typical Case

      Customized Mixing Kettle handover
      The customer is a famous food production enterprise in Australia, The picture is a customized Double Direction mixing Kettle.

      【Features】:vacuum, speed can be adjustable

        • Customized Mixers typical case

        Technical Parameter

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