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Product Introduction

All-round Horizontal Beads Mill is a Nano Grade liquid grinding machine for closed continuous production. Comparing with traditional grinding equipment, it uses Yttrium stabilized zirconium beads with higher specific gravity and higher hardness as grinding medium. And it shows higher grinding efficiency(2 to 3 times higher), better final fineness(nano grade), wider application(Available for middle and high viscous materials) and better wear resistance. Various of specifications are in option, easy operation and high reliability. It adopts world well-known brand Burgmann Dual-end Mechanical Seal, with self-lubricating system, more reliable and durable. The machine is also with temperature, pressure monitor and protection to ensure the quality of the finished product.

【Materials Viscosity】: ≤50000 cps
【Production Capacity】: 50-800L
【Application Industry】: Suitable for dispersing, grinding materials in industries such as biology, pharmacy, cosmetic, food, paint, ink, color paste, dyestuff, fertilizer etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”
【Applicable Materials】: Good for Materials with viscosity less than 50,000cps, and comparatively high requirements of final fineness, such as automobile paint, color paste, water-based ink, fertilizer suspension, lithium battery slurry etc.


    • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill
    • paint beads mill
    • coating beads mill,ink beads mill
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    • pesticide beads mill
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    • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill (5-50L)

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    Product Advantages

    Novel structure, high stability
    Strengthened frame with reasonable structure, steady operation and  easy maintenance. Besides, nicer appearance with full of modern sense. The main parts and out-sourced parts are internationally renowned brands with higher stability and longer service life.
    Easy to clean, strong durability
    Unique tri-pole mechanism design makes it easy to open for cleaning and replacing grinding chambers. The grinding chamber, made of high wear-resistance alloy steel, is treated specially to realize higher wear resistance and longer service life. In addition, Burgmann Dual-end Mechanical Seal with self-lubricating system contributes directly to higher reliability and durability. 
    Safe monitor, stable product
    The machine is with triple cooling: internal, external, and end face, which ensures the grinding heat exchanged out in time. The water temperature, material temperature, material pressure, water pressure, air pressure and other real-time monitoring and protection system ensure proper operation of the machine.
    Full specification, can be customized
    Specifications ranges from 5L to 50L, which can be customized to be Exproof type. Grinding chambers made of Polyurethane or Zirconium are in option to ensure its anti-abrasiveness and also to prevent materials from metal pollution. 

      • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill working principle
      • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill (5-50L)
      • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill (5-50L)

      Working Principle

      The delivery pump circulates the materials in the tank and the materials in the grinding chamber. The main shaft in the grinding chamber is equipped with many pins with high anti-abrasiveness and hardness. The pins drive the grinding medium inside the grinding chamber to do irregular movements in all direction to put the materials under the action of constant collision and friction. At same time, the materials are separated from the grinding medium by the sieve and keep circulating from the tank to the grinding chamber to obtain smaller particle size, narrower particle size range.

      Typical Case

      All-round Horizontal Beads Mill operation
      The customer is under contract to China South Industries Group Corporation. They mainly produce top-end military coating (Not detectable by Radar ) for armored vehicles, tanks. The picture is the machine customized for the customer for top paint with high fineness requirement, ready for delivery.

      【materials features】:Top-end military coating
      【Production capacity】:500L/h

        • All-round Horizontal Beads Mill typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Power Supply

        Motor Power



        Grinding ChamberL

        Grinding Chamber Material



        Medium Dia.


        Zirconium Beads




        380V 50HZ




        SS304/Alloy Steel



        95 Yttrium stabilized zirconium beads



        380V 50HZ




        SS304/Alloy Steel



        95 Yttrium stabilized zirconium beads



        380V 50HZ




        SS304/Alloy Steel



        95 Yttrium stabilized zirconium beads



        380V 50HZ




        SS304/Alloy Steel



        95 Yttrium stabilized zirconium beads


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