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Product Introduction

The Lubricant Complete Production Line consists of Pressure saponification reactor, mixing kettle, high pressure homogenizer, in-line homogenizer, hydraulic thi-roller machine, heating system, cooling system, vacuum degassing system, conveying system, filtering filling system, control system,etc.. It is special equipment for all kinds of biological oil, mineral oil and synthetic lubricants.

【Applicable Materials】: Lithium base grease lubricant ,calcium base grease lubricant.
【Production Capacity】: 1,000T/year~30,000T/year
【Application Industry】: Suitable for production of various biological lubricating oil, mineral lubricating oil, synthetic lubricating oil,etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )


    • Lubricant Complete Production Line
    • A production Line
    • A whole factory construction

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    Product Advantages

    Excellent environmental protection index
    The Lubricant Complete Production Line was conducted under the condition of whole sealing, the production environment with no pollution and operate safe.
    Outstanding temperature control
    System is equipped with intelligent heating and cooling device, can realize constant temperature requirements; The equipment has a variety of self monitoring and safety devices at the same time to ensure the stable production of production line, without danger.
    Mixing full and homogeneous, good finished product
    Mixing kettle adopts advanced design bidirectional mixing working principle, it makes materials fully stirring and mixing; Homogeneous machine adopts Inline High Shear Emulsifier(Three stages), good uniformity and efficiency of the final product.
    Intelligent production, which is stable and reliable
    Main kettle can increase the weighing system or raw material feeding with flow meter, it can realize automatic feeding the raw materials; The touch screen, industrial control machine and PLC all adopt international famous brand, which can be programmable control and achieve industrial intelligent.

      • Lubricant Complete Production Line working principle
      • Lubricant Complete Production Line

      Working Principle

      Lubricant production is mainly divided into two steps: distillation and refined; Distillation is the process using components with different boiling point of the mixed liquid or liquid - solid system, make the low boiling point components evaporation, and condensation again to separate the components of the unit operation, it is the combination of the two unit operation,evaporation and condensation.The refining process is in the case of heating lower viscosity, to realize the technological process of decomposition,desulfurization and restructuring by strongly uniform mixing, homogeneous emulsification and grinding process with the auxiliaries and finally refined into finished products.

      Typical Case

      The Lubricant Complete Production Line handover
      The customer is based in Iran, it is a famous lubricant production enterprise in local. The picture is a Lubricant Complete Production Line SIEHE Industry customized for them.

      【Features】:automatic batching, turnkey project.

        • Lubricant Complete Production Line typical case
        • Lubricant Complete Production Line
        • Lubricant Complete Production Line

        Technical Parameter

        Application Industry

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