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Product Introduction

Siehe Industry design and produce printing and dyeing auxiliary production complete set for thickening agent, adhesive, cross-linking agent, emulsifier, dispersant and other professional equipment for printing and dyeing auxiliary. The production line consisted of mixing kettle, homogenizing emulsifier kettle (in-line high shear homogeneous emulsifier), weighing system, finished products mixing kettle, heating system, cooling system, vacuum system, transmission system, filtration system, filling system, control system, etc; The production process is automatic, and reduce work intensity of the operators. It avoid human factors caused quality problem, and greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency.

【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for thickening agent, adhesive, cross-linking agent, emulsifier, dispersant etc.
【Production Capacity】: 300T/year~10000T/year
【Application Industry】: Suitable forprinting and dyeing auxiliary production . (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”)


    • Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Production Complete Set

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    Product Advantages

    Environmental protection
    The main production process is under the whole sealing condition, and to prevent the microorganism and pollution; It is automatic feeding, which reduce workers batching process and improve the production environment.
    Wide application range
    Siehe Industry has rich experience in printing and dyeing auxiliary production equipment, and it can be customized according to the technique and provide turn-key project.
    Real-time monitoring, intelligent operation
    The system production line has PLC control display, which can monitor production process, easy to change production data and remote control.

      • Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Production Complete Set working principle

      Working Principle

      Homogenizing emulsifying kettle is consisted of high shear homogenizing emulsifier and low-medium speed agitator. Due to the high speed rotating rotor of the High shear emulsifier and strong kinetic energy (generated by the high frequency mechanical effect) put the materials under comprehensive actions such as strong shearing, centrifugal extrusion, hydraulic friction, crash etc between the precision gap of the stator and rotor. At the same time, the low-medium speed agitator mixing and circulate the material, and improve production efficiency and uniformity. The normal combination are multilayer blade agitator + bottom installed high shear emulsifier, anchor agitator + top installed high shear emulsifier, two-way turn agitator+ center high shear emulsifier; Some products can ass inline high shear emulsifier according to the process, and tpo improve products fineness ans production efficiency. 

      Typical Case

      1000T/year printing and dyeing auxiliary production complete set
      The customer is a printing and dyeing auxiliary production enterprise located in Romania. The picture shows customized printing and dyeing auxiliary production line.

      【Production Capacity】:1000T/year
      【Features】:Main system includes one homogenizing emulsifying kettle, two mixing kettles and high pressure homogenizing emulsifier; Heating cooling temperature control, turnkey projects.

        • Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Production Complete Set typical case

        Technical Parameter

        System Capacity: 300-10,000T/year
        Mixing and emulsifying: multi-layer blade agitator + bottom installed high shear emulsifier, anchor agitator + top installed high shear emulsifier, two-way turn agitator+ center high shear emulsifier
        Heating: electrical heating
        Filtering: Multi-grade filter, self-cleaning filter
        Filling: semi-automatic filling machine, autonomic filling machine
        Material: contact part material SS304 or SS316 stainless steel

        Please contact with our sales engineer, and our sales and engineers will offer you a reasonable configuration plan.

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