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Product Introduction

Stone paint is a kind of coating used for indoor and outdoor decoration with its effect like marble and granite in recent years. The features of simple and convenient construction, save time, safe, reliable, and adornment effect looks like marble, granite contributed to the rapid development of it. Really stone lacquer Complete Production Line consists of these parts: feeding system, stirring and mixing system(Horizontal Ribbon Mixer or Multi-functional Mixing Kettle), conveying system, dust removal system, measurement system, packaging system, control system, etc., It can achieve automatic production process, reduce work intensity of the operator and avoid the quality problem caused by human factors, so it greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency.

【Applicable Materials】: Really stone lacquer
【Material Features】: High specific gravity,difficult to clean
【Production Capacity】: 1,000T/year~100,000T/year
【Application Industry】: Suitable for production of really stone lacquer. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )


    • Stone Paint Complete Production Line
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    Product Advantages

    High mixing efficiency, uniform finished product
    Commonly, really stone lacquer mixing equipment is divided into two types: Vertical Dual-shaft Mixing Kettle and Horizontal ribbon mixer; SIEHE Industry Manufacture both the machine, among which the wider application equipment is the Horizontal ribbon mixer. The machine is a high efficiency, high evenness, high load coefficient, low energy consumption, low pollution, and low broken new mixing equipment. Adopting double layer and directions mixing ribbon as agitator, the machine willquickly uniform mixing the really stone lacquer, the uniformity up to 98%.
    Efficient production
    Horizontal Ribbon Mixer barrel is u-shaped structure, feeding mouth is rectangular design, it can be multi-point feeding at the same time, and can cooperate with dust removal system to reduce the production of dust; Discharging port can achieve multi-discharge port discharge at the same time, which improves the efficiency of discharge packaging.
    Automatic feeding
    The main raw material of really stone lacquer is water, emulsion and natural color sand; SIEHE Industrial designedReally Stone Lacquer Complete Production Line adopt automatic feeding method to feed the raw material; Water and the emulsion with the pump + flowmeter method, natural colored sand with the method of weighing batching method, it has greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
    High stability of system
    The weighing system choose Mettler Toledo products, flowmeter with E + H/Yokogawa products, the main parts adopt international famous brand, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the production system.

      • Stone Paint Complete Production Line working principle

      Working Principle

      Really stone lacquer production process is divided into the following several parts: The material conveying, batching and metering, stirring and mixing, transport and packing,etc..
      Material convey: The convey of liquid adopt pump and flow meter; Medium and small capacity powder conveying using lifting, hoisting and artificial feeding; The huge production powder using powder conveying system.
      Convey: Power convey includes the gas conveying, belt convey, hoist, screw conveyor, etc.; Liquid and emulsion convey with centrifugal pump, gear pump, diaphragm pump, etc.
      Measurement: Liquid metering realized by pump + flow meter; Powder measurement using conveyor + frequency converter + weighing system.
      Mixing: through the special design of ribbon agitator to make the color sand and liquid mixed evenly.
      Filling: Measurement and packing the finished product in accordance with the regulation, including the Semi-automatic Filling Machine and Automatic Filling Machine.

      Typical Case

      10T/ Batch Really Stone Lacquer Complete Production Line
      The customer is a well-known domestic coating enterprise, the total production base is located in Shanghai, really stone lacquer is king pin products of the company in recent years; The picture is a Really Stone Lacquer Complete Production Line SIEHE Industry customized for them delivery stage.

      【Features】:Choose Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

        • Stone Paint Complete Production Line typical case
        • Stone Paint Complete Production Line
        • Stone Paint Complete Production Line

        Technical Parameter

        Batch output: 500-30,000kg
        Feeding method: mechanical feeding, Positive pressure pneumatic conveying
        Batching method: powder-weighing method, liquid-flow meter method
        Mixing equipment: Horizontal Ribbon Mixer, Co-axial Ribbon Dispersing Mixer
        Filling method: Semi-automatic Filling Machine, Automatic Filling Machine

        Consult with our sales engineer, and application engineer will work with them to provide you with the most reasonable configuration scheme.

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