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Product Introduction

The automatic level of storage and batching method of the liquid raw material is related to the production control, output efficiency and product quality degree. The improvement of batching automation level will make a great contribution to the industry production efficiency of the related fields. The Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System that Siehe Industry design and manufacture is widely used in industries such as food, medicine, chemical, coating, ink, building material, etc., it has greatly improved the production efficiency. On one hand, the high degree of automation solves the weakness of low precision, unstable quality and poor statistical management of the artificial batching before, at the same time, it has realized the database management and network management, it can connect to the factory management network and transmit the production data in real time to plant management network, thus achieve the functions of data backup, query, statistics, printing, it has greatly improved the management level of the factory; On the other hand, optimizing process and improving the control of precision and mode of the process during the production is the most effective means to improve product yield and quality, it is also the most direct way to reduce the enterprise production cost and strengthen the key competitiveness of the products.

【Control Mode】: implement real-time supervision by PC+PLC(DCS field bus)
【Measuring way】: Weighing method, flowmeter
【Application Industry】: Suitable for industries such as coating, ink, daily chemical, adhesive, dyestuff, petroleum, lubricating oil, medicine, food, paper making, pesticide, building material, etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )


    • Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System
    • A production Line
    • A whole factory construction

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    Product Advantages

    Various batching ways
    Batching ways, in general, can be divided into weighing method and flowmeter method; Batching by weight method is with high precision and wide application; And batching by flowmeter method has higher cost performance ratio and more convenient to do installation and maintenance.
    Various feeding methods
    Commonly, feeding methods include pumping, weight, vacuum conveying, positive pressure conveying, etc..
    A high degree of automation
    System can not only realize automatic batching, improve the control precision of the process, improve product quality and efficiency, but also achieve the database and network management, which greatly enhances the management level of the factory.
    High quality of partner to ensure the stability of the system
    Siehe Industry procure global well-known companies of high quality products, which ensure the batching accuracy and system stability: weighing instrument - Mettler Toledo, flow meter - E+H, material level meter - VEGA, gear pump - Nicole, pneumatic diaphragm pump - Ingersoll Rand, pneumatic components-Festo, frequency converter - Emerson, touch screen - Siemens, PLC- Siemens and so on.

      • Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System working principle

      Working Principle

      Control system: implement supervision by PC+PLC(DCS field bus);Statistical management to ensure the function of data backup, query, statistics, print;
      industrial touch screen adopt upper machine as the system is the international famous company's products, it ensures the reliability of the control system; measuring system adopts weighing measurement or flow measurement, with high accuracy, good stability, quick reaction speed and long service life; Batching can be precise measurement, and display on the upper machine; programmable controller (PLC) and analog input module all adopt international famous products, compact structure, strong anti-jamming capability, high reliability and stability.
      The control system also has the following functions:
      a) Automatic, manual switch: No human participation in automatic, according to the procedures set process, automatically operation to produce the required products; Work in manual mode, the operator can operate each action; Both usage and maintenance are very convenient.
      b) Parameter install and display: Used to set the mixing time, speed, weighing, liquid level measurement; Display the temperature, pressure and liquid level measurement.
      c)Dynamic display of process: Industrial control machine and touch screen animation display the working process, the related animation enable operators to intuitive knew equipment working condition.
      d) Parameter save: saves mature process of each product to the storage system, in the later production of similar products, it can easily bring up to the current work;
      e) Fault indication: real-time display all kinds of possible fault, help maintainer to deal with trouble during work processing, And can history query all kinds of fault, which is convenient for equipment maintenance.

      Typical Case

      Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System handover
      The customer is a famous international coating production enterprise. The picture is a customized Additives Batching System of Coating Production Line with particular high batching efficiency and precision.

      【Measuring way】:Weighing method(weight loss method)
      【Batching category】:12
      【Features】:Additives shall not cross mixing, so for each bin, it shall be with separated load cell and instrument. Realize automatic batching by weight loss method; Batching can be carried out simultaneously with high efficiency.

        • Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System typical case
        • Liquid Storage and Automatic Batching System

        Technical Parameter

        Batching category】:1-100
        Measuring way】:Weighing method, flowmeter method, volume method
        Material features】: variety liquid material with fluidity, viscosity less than100,000cps
        Material】: SS304/SS316L/special spraying process
        Production environment】: the explosion-proof/ explosion-proof workshop 

        Consult with our sales engineer, and application engineer will work with them to provide you with the most reasonable configuration scheme.

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