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Product Introduction

Siehe Industry has a wealth of experience in putty powder production, provides complete equipment and contracting services for enterprises home and abroad. The putty powder complete production line sets the mixing equipment as the core, and chooses different types of mixer with specific additional function according to different technics; the former part includes: raw material handling system(unpacking, feeding, crushing, sieving, etc.), raw material conveying system, storage system, batching system and necessary intermediate storage system; the latter part includes: finished products caching system, conveying system, temporary storage system, packing system, stacking system, etc.; the steel structure platform, dust collecting system and electric control system are also included.

【Material Feature】: Powder-powder, powder-liquid
【Capacity】: 1500~30000 T/Y
【Application】: Interior and exterior wall putty powder (for more information please click “FREE CONSULATION”)


    • Putty Powder Complete Production Line

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    Product Advantages

    Highly Professional
    Siehe Industry has a wealth of experience in putty powder production and a wide range of line including all needed equipment of putty powder processing; the complete production line mainly consists of raw material storage, conveying and batching equipment, mixing equipment, finished products storage, sieving, demagnetization, packing and dust collecting equipment, etc..
    Highly Functional Mixing System with Complete range of Specifications
    Siehe Industry is highly professional in mixing field,who has a decade of product research, innovation and application experience which smoothly solved the problems it came across. The core mixing equipment includes: nauta mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer, horizontal plough shear mixer, horizontal non-gravity mixer, V-shape/dual cone mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.. The machines have complete range of models and specifications, being selected according to capacity, working condition and technics.
    Highly Stable
    Siehe Industry adopts world-famous high-quality parts for the machines, motor adopts Siemens/ABB, inverter adopts Emerson/Omron, weighing sensor adopts Mettler-Toledo, pneumatic components adopt FESTO, electrical components adopt Schneider, PLC & touch screen adopt Siemens, guarantee the accuracy and stability of production.

      • Putty Powder Complete Production Line working principle

      Working Principle

      Raw material——→unpacking(small bag and ton bag)——→raw material pre-treatment(crushing/sieving/drying)——→raw material storage——→batching system(incremental method and weight loss method)——→mixing system——→finished material storage——→packing——→finished product

      Typical Case

      Putty powder complete production line delivery
      The client is a famous putty powder manufacturer in China; the photo shows the complete production line Siehe customized for the customer.

      【Features】:This production line consists of raw material storage system, batching system, mixing system, finished products storage system, packing system, steel structure platform and control system, implementing auto-manufacturing.

        • Putty Powder Complete Production Line typical case

        Technical Parameter





        Raw Material Pre-treatment System

        Unpack & Feeding

        Small bag feeder, ton bag feeder, small & ton bag integrated feeder, auto small bag feeder, etc.

        Optional according to process requirement


        All-round crusher, micro crusher, jet crusher, etc.

        Optional according to process requirement

        Sieving & Filtration

        Vibration sieve, linear sieve, airflow sieve, etc.

        Optional according to process requirement


        Spray dryer, airflow dryer, fluidized bed dryer, belt dryer, etc.

        Optional according to process requirement

        Batching System


        Powder: screw conveyor, vibration feeder, belt conveyor, rotary valve feeding

        Liquid: pump transferring or pressurized transferring(spraying method for option, improve mixing effect)

        Screw feeding speed is adjustable via inverter, valve opening is adjustable, fast and slow speed feeding model, feeding speed control, guarantee accuracy and efficiency at the same time.


        Powder: weighing bin, weight gaining method or weight loss method

        Liquid: use a flow meter or pre-weighed

        Weighing module adopts Mettler-Toledo product, different accuracy for option according to client’s requirement(0.2%0.01% or above)

        Conveying System

        Conveying System

        Fulfill conveying requirements between each equipment;

        Vacuum discharger, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, tube chain conveyor, etc.

        According to capacity, material feature and factory layout

        Storage System


        Used for raw materials, finished products and intermediates storage; including raw material bin, finished product bin, temporary storage bin before mixing, finished products storage bin after mixing, etc.

        1 The storage bin before and after mixing is equipped to reduce the feeding and discharging time, thus improve utilization coefficient, reduce cost, improve output;

        2 The storage bin is equipped with arch-breaking device, also can be customized as closed type.

        Mixing System


        Horizontal ribbon mixer, horizontal plough shear mixer, horizontal non-gravity mixer, vertical conical mixer, V-shape mixer, dual cone mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.

        1 Choose different mixer according to material and process requirement;

        2 Temperature control, pressure control and other non-standard functions for option

        Packing System


        Top open bag packing machine, valve bag packing machine, ton bag packing machine, vertical screw type packing machine, auto bag-making packing machine, etc.

        According to package specification, accuracy requirement, efficiency and material features.

        Control System

        Monitoring & Controlling

        Control circuit: relay, PLC, PC-based, etc.

        HCI: button type, digital type, etc.

        CMCC control center, industrial radio technology (to be developed).

        According to the complexity, importance of the data access and client’s modernization & intelligence requirements.

        Dust Collecting System

        Dust Collecting

        Cartridge type dust collector, bag type dust collector

        According to dust area, amount and material properties

        Steel Platform

        Operation Platform

        Steel structure, platform for operation and maintenance.

        Detachable design, easy to transport and install;

        Heavy type structure, more stable and safer

        Equipment Material

        Hygiene & GMP

        SUS304, SUS316, SUS32, usually adopts entire machine stainless steel

        Mirror polished, meeting GMP standard.

        According to client’s requirements and material corrosive properties, for example, in salt production usually adopts SS321 or SS316L


        Application Industry

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