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Product Introduction

Oil putty is a high polymer material, consists of the main ash (base ash) and the curing agent , the composition of the main ash is mainly unsaturated polyester resin and a filler, and the curing agent is generally initiator and a plasticizer, they play a role of initiating polymerization and enhancing performance. This nature of the material which can adhere to the surface of other material and prototyping rapidly is especially suitable for surface coatings applications, including automobiles, ships, factories, furniture, sheet metal etc.; in addition, there are also oily putties of high temperatures resistance, conducting electrostatic, red gray, fine scratch, weld etc.. SIEHE industry can design the best production line according to the properties of the putty; the equipments for producing oil putty is mainly consists of feeding system, mixing system (dual-shaft dispersing mixer, three-shaft multi-functional dispersing mixer, double planetary mixer) , conveying systems, metering systems, filling systems, control systems, dust removal system, etc., can be completely automated production, reduce the working intensity for operator, to avoid quality problems generated by the human factor, which greatly improves product quality and production efficiency for the putty.

【Production Feature】: high viscosity, high solid content
【Production Capacity】: lab scale research and development 2,000kg/ batch
【Application Industry】: suitable for the production of all kinds of oil putties (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: Cars, ships, factories, furniture, sheet metal, high temperature resistance, conducting electrostatic, red ash, fine scratch, welds etc.


    • Oily Putty Production Line
    • Oily Putty Production Line
    • Oily Putty Production Line

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    Product Advantages

    Very Professional
    SIEHE industry has extensive experience in the production of oil putty, offers complete oil putt production line mainly including mixing equipment, extrusion equipment, packing machine, and can be equipped with heating, cooling, vacuum devices etc., turnkey projects are also available.
    Strong core mixing function, wide applications
    Regular oil putty mixing equipment is divided into three types: dual-shaft dispersing mixer (butterfly + high-speed disperser, anchor type scraper+ high speed disperser), tri-shaft multifunctional disperser (anchor type scraper+ dual high speed disperser, anchor type scraper + high speed disperser+ Medium speed screw), dual planetary mixer / double planetary mixer (double paddles+ high-speed disperser+ scraper, double twist type agitator+ high-speed disperser+ scraper, double door frame + high-speed disperser + scraper, claw type agitator + high speed disperser + scraper, double butterfly type agitator + high speed disperser + scraper); SIEHE industry has deep research and innovative development in mixing area, formed a unique new mixing product for high viscosity materials.
    Automatic material feeding
    The main raw material of oil putty is the main ash (base ash) and the curing agent; SIEHE industry adopts automatic material feeding mode for the oil putty production line, greatly reduced the labor intensity and improved production efficiency.
    High system stability
    SIEHE industry procures high quality industrial products from world renowned company, motor using Siemens / ABB products, inverter adopting Emerson / Schneider products, weighing system using Mettler - Toledo products, flowmeter using E + H / Yokogawa products, hydraulic system using Atos products, vacuum system selecting Leybold / Busch products to ensure the accuracy and stability of the systematic production.

      • Oily Putty Production Line working principle
      • Oily Putty Production Line

      Working Principle

      The main equipments of Oil Putty Production Line: mixing equipment, extrusion equipment, packaging equipment
      Mixing Equipment: For middle and low viscosity products, often use dual-shaft or tri-shaft multifunction dispersing mixer; for high viscosity products, usually choose Double Planetary Mixer; Whichever product , there are mixing, dispersing, scraper etc. functions. The machine is closed design, which can be evacuated, and with the heating and cooling system to achieve constant temperature stirring.
      Extrusion machine: Including fixed barrel type and lifting with barrel type, commonly used at the back of mixing machine and front of the packaging equipment, extruding material from the barrel by the strong extrusion pressure and match with the barrel seal structure; can customize vacuum extrusion machine.
      Packing Machine: Semi-auto type and fully automatic type, can be customized according to the filling specifications and filling container.

      Typical Case

      Oil Putty Production Line handover
      This customer is a Canadian renowned oil putty manufacture, the picture is the customized equipments for oil putty production line.

      【Features】:High torque, high intensity, high vacuum dual-shaft mixer+ hydraulic extrusion machine

        • Oily Putty Production Line typical case
        • Oily Putty Production Line

        Technical Parameter

        Batch processing capacity: 2-2,000 kg
        Mixing Equipment: dual-shaft dispersing mixer, tri-shaft multi-function dispersing mixer, double planetary Mixer
        Extrusion machine: fixed type, lifting with barrel type
        The filling type: Semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine
        Heating methods: steam heating, oil heating, water heating
        Vacuum mode: water ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane vacuum pump
        Materials: SS304 stainless steel, SS316L stainless steel

        Consulting our sales engineer, application engineers together with our sales staff will provide you the most reasonable configuration.

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