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Products and Solutions

Product Introduction

With the prosperity of Chinese industry and increasing projects invested by Transnational Corporation in China, making the demand of project general contracting business also increased, however small and medium-scale projects are often faced with the difficulty of finding a general contracting services. Over the years, SIEHE industry focusing on design, workmanship experience accumulating and technical exchanges, maintaining a stable contact and cooperation with the world's leading engineering consultation, engineering design companies and domestic chemical institute, has independently or cooperatively completed many basic and detailed design for small and medium chemical projects, and provide a quality turnkey production lines and whole plant output for domestic and international customers.
SIEHE Industrial’s EPC project general contracting business primarily services the industries such as fine chemical engineering, coatings and inks, adhesives, resins, battery materials, cosmetics, pesticides, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, building materials, fodder, bitumen, lubricants, paper chemicals etc.; focus on providing project consulting, engineering design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, plant construction, site management, cost and schedule control and safety, environmental protection and quality control and EPC contracting services for the small and medium-scale projects of investment scale from 500 to 5000 million; Customers can also choose different forms of business such as equipment part contracting, design and equipment part contracting, the whole plant design, construction, installation, operation total package contracting etc..
SIEHE Industry is an integrated engineering services company with capability of comprehensive engineering design, equipment design, manufacturing and procurement, automation systems integration and turnkey production line, it’s also the first batch domestic engineering company developed from large-scale equipment manufacturer to EPC project general contractor currently.

    • EPC Project General Contracting Business
    • EPC Project General Contracting Business
    • EPC Project General Contracting Business
    • EPC Project General Contracting Business
    • EPC Project General Contracting Business
    • EPC Project General Contracting Business

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    Product Advantages

    Large domestic EPC engineering companies are mostly transited from state-owned institutes, comparing with them, SIEHE Industry as a EPC contractor for small and medium projects has greater advantages in design, manufacturing, procurement, construction etc., we are more familiar with the production site, have more knowledge of production process, more professional at the process equipment configuration, the previous successful experience has proven this point.
    The technical team of SIEHE Industry includes all required technical personnel of project design and construction such as technology, piping, equipment, structures, electrical instrumentation, cost, etc., they have rich design experience, and most of them have experience in the field. The EPC contracting business of SIEHE industry has developed deeper and wider under a wide range of industry experience, deep industry accumulation, required industry qualification and increasingly sophisticated project management system.

      • EPC Project General Contracting Business
      • EPC Project General Contracting Business
      • EPC Project General Contracting Business
      • EPC Project General Contracting Business
      • EPC Project General Contracting Business

      Working Principle

      Consulting and Assessment: Including professional project assessment and planning, project proposals, feasibility studies, safety and environmental consulting, chemical process package technology evaluation and selection, product modeling laboratory to production optimization, architecture and functional design.
      Engineering design and services: Including engineering design, the design and technology of non-standard chemical equipment, pollution treatment and logistics equipment technology, chemical process package and technology, automation process control engineering design and technology.
      Engineering contracting: project design contract (E), procurement contract (P), the project construction contract (C), project design, procurement, construction contract (EPC).
      Chemical Equipment: SIEHE Industry forms the core-based devices such as dispersing machine, grinding machine, high shear emulsifying machine, double planetary mixer, single / dual-axis vertical and horizontal mixer, and supplemented by ancillary equipments such as liquid dosing system, powder batching system, filtration separation equipment, kettle tank containers, delivering and packaging equipment, process control equipment etc..
      Construction and installation: Containing chemical engineering project construction general contracting, installation of production equipment, driving services etc..
      Project Management: Including professional training services such as project management, project information management, commissioning management, technical standards and operations

      Typical Case

      Annual output of 15,000 tons of alkyd resins project handover
      The client is from the said "roof of Africa” ---Ethiopian, they are an African-known resin manufacturer, has 20 years resin production history in the local, customers choose design, manufacture and installation contracting business mode during this cooperation, the photo shows the assembly debugging phase for the project of output of 15,000 tons resin.

      【Production Capacity】:15000T/Year
      【Service Content】: Belong to EP handover, including engineering design and services, systems equipment procurement and production, project management and support.

        • EPC Project General Contracting Business
        • EPC Project General Contracting Business
        • EPC Project General Contracting Business
        • EPC Project General Contracting Business
        • EPC Project General Contracting Business

        Technical Parameter

        Product Field: fluid complete production line, high-viscosity slurry complete production line, powder complete production line
        Fluid complete production line: water-based paint, solvent-based paint, resins, inks, cosmetics, pesticides, detergents, lubricants, lacquer, putty, printing and dyeing auxiliaries etc.
        High viscosity slurry complete production line: adhesives, battery paste, oil putty etc.
        Powder complete production line: food & food additives, fine chemicals, dry mortar, refractory materials, gypsum powder, powder metallurgy, dyes & pigments, pesticides & fertilizers, feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, dry putty etc.

        Application Industry

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