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Product Introduction

Small bag Feeding Stations is commonly used for unpacking and discharging for bags (25kg or 50kg) filled with powder or granule materials. The unpacking and discharging work is done through manual bag open, automatic dumping and let the materials fall down by gravity to the storage hopper. The dust generated during operation is collected by the build-in dust collection to ensure clear working environment for operators. According to different production requirements, sieving function is optional to sieve impurities out. And also it can be equipped with vacuum feeding machine to charge materials through vacuum.

【Raw Materials Package】: 10~50Kg package
【Application Industry】: Suitable for industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, additives, chemicals, plastics, dyes, building materials, etc. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation” )
【Applicable Materials】: coffee, milk, flour, fungicides, preservatives, flavors and fragrances, aginomoto, powder, glucose, industrial raw materials, PVC powder, ABS powder


    • Small bag Feeding Station
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    • Small bag Feeding Station
    • Small bag Feeding Station

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    Product Advantages

    1. The dust generated during operation is collected by the build-in dust collection to ensure clear working environment for operators.
    2. Simple structure and reliable, small power consumption, will not break materials. It is specially suitable for the environments such as toxic, flammable and strong corrosive high dust etc.
    3. Options are available depending on different requirements: dust collector, bag pressing device, hopper with vibrator, air hammer, rotary valve, sieving machine etc.

      • Small bag Feeding Station working principle
      • Small bag Feeding Station
      • Small bag Feeding Station

      Working Principle

      Small bag Feeding Station consists of fast open stainless steel hopper, vibrating sieve, dust collector, controller etc., the operation process is: Open hopper door, manually put the bag on the shelf, cut the bag with a knife, dump the material to the sieve , qualified materials will go into the next process after the sieving, bags and debris are left on the sieve. The machine is equipped with bag / cartridge-type dust collector, negative pressure environment for feeding process, no dust leakage, greatly improved the feeding environment.
      The device can be connected to the vacuum feeding machine, screw conveyors and a variety of conveyor equipment.

      Typical Case

      Small bag feeding station application
      This customer is a Singaporean renowned food manufacturer; the picture is a customized food production line, the feeding station adopts small bag feeding station.

      【Product features】:with Screening, dust collector, whole machine SS304 material

        • Small bag Feeding Station typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Hopper size: 800 * 800 * 1200
        Feeding height: 800mm
        Sieving mesh: 20 mesh / 40 mesh / 80 mesh (can be customized)
        Vibration motor: 0.3Kw
        Dust removal Motor: 1.1Kw
        Optional: dust collector, pressure bags, vibration hopper, air hammer, rotary valves, etc.

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