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Product Introduction

Horizontal drying mixer is a multi-function mixer combines mixing, reaction and drying, widely used in industries of food, chemical industries, building materials, lithium battery, etc., during the process of which the liquid needs to be added, and after mixing the liquid needs to be removed or the liquid content is too high so it needs to decrease. The machine is with heating jacket, which can heat the materials by hot water, hot oil, steam and other medium. The entire design is closed, vacuum system are for option to pump out the air to drain the liquid. In addition , there is a dust collecting device, condensing refluxing device, solid-gas separating device, etc., to reduce the raw material consumption. The whole system can be designed with PLC intelligent controlling(such as temperature, vacuum degree, rotation speed, etc.), and with the signal connector to implement remote controlling.

【Materials Specific Gravity】: ≤3g/cm³
【Drying temperature】: ≤400℃
【Production Capacity】: ≤30-30,000L
【Application Industry】: Suitable for the mixing and drying of starch, lithium battery material, ceramic material, chemical fertilizer, sludge treatment etc industry. (for more information please click FREE CONSULTATION)
【Applicable Materials】: Powder or paste whose specific gravity is under 3g/cm³, and with certain fluidity, such as modified starch, positive pole material of lithium cobalt oxides,  white carbon black etc material.


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    Product Advantages

    Various Methods Of Temperature Control
    Normally, cycling hot oil, hot water, steam are used as heating medium, electrical heating pins mounted inside jackets can also be used to heat. A set of heating system can work with multiple drying mixers.
    Vacuum Auxiliary Drying System
    In order to improve the performance of drying mixer, normally vacuumize the mixer while heating to decrease the volatile temperature and liquid content in air,  though which method 40% of drying time can be saved. Vacuum pump normally adopts -0.06~-0.08Mpa model. As litter powder may sucked out during vacuum, a cloth bag are mounted on the top of mixer(with anti-blow equipment) to reduce the powder consumption. In addition, cooling recycle filtration is in option to reuse raw materials.
    Rich Experience & Excellent Design Aptitude
    Products are designed according to the characteristic of raw and finial products materials and manufacturing process(i.e. Pressure requirement, proportion of solid and liquid) to meet the requirements in driving device, operability, leak-proofness and etc. areas.
    Reliable Driving Device
    Different driving devices in various capacity, power and output speed are in option according to the materials, starting methods and mixing method.
    Driving motor uses SIEMENS, ABB, SEW and etc international brands products, output torque can be output by direct-combination, chain-wheel combination, hydraulic couplers and etc.
    Reducers uses K series spiral cone gear reducer( or H series gear box reducer) with high usage coefficient, large rated torque, high conveying rate, safe, long service life, low noisy, low risk of failure, easy to maintenance and etc advantages.
    Nice Auxiliary Components
    Auxiliary components are for option, such as coil pipe steam heating jacket, honeycomb anti-pressure jacket, recycle-medium jacket, real-time sampling valve, high speed fly-cutter, temperature detector, weighting system, dust collecting system, vacuum drying system and etc.
    Spray and atomizing device are for option to spray little liquid which will mix the liquid into powders better. Spraying system consists of pressure source, liquid storage tank, spray device.
    Equipment material can be designed in carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SS321, other harder alloy agitators can also be used on agitator. Lining of cylinder can be polyurethane or spraying wear-resistant material.

      • Horizontal Drying Mixer working principle
      • Horizontal Drying Mixer

      Working Principle

      The machine is with heating jacket, which can heat the materials by hot water, hot oil, steam and other medium. The whole machine is designed as closed type, vacuum system is for option to pump out the air and drain the liquid. In addition, a dust collector, condensing reflux device, solid-gas separator, etc. will be equipped in front of vacuum system to reduce the raw materials consumption.
      The device can be divided into single-shaft and dual-shaft model. Various types of agitators are for option, including blade type, ribbon type, plough type, etc.
      Ribbon type: The outer ribbon push the materials from inlet end towards the outlet end whereas the inner ribbon push material in reverse direction, different ribbon angle, direction generate different materials flow, therefore the materials get fully mixed.
      Plough type: The plough not only disperses materials along axial direction during high speed rotation, but also drives the materials flow in circles around the chamber wall, which settles the stratification efficiently.  At the same time, the high speed cutters generate breaking and dispersing effect.
      Blade type: Blades arranged in a special angle rotate reversely at the same speed, to ensure the materials are thrown in radial, axial, and circle direction, generate cross circulating, mixing and shearing effect.

      Typical Case

      Horizontal drying mixer
      The following picture shows a customized horizontal drying mixer made for a Chinese lithium battery positive pole materials company.

      【Design Volume】:1000L
      【Products Characteristics】:1.Whole machine ex-proof 2.Stainless steel made 3.Good sealing to guarantee the vacuum effect 4,Excellent temperature control

        • Horizontal Drying Mixer typical case
        • Horizontal Drying Mixer

        Technical Parameter

        Working capacity: 50-30,000L
        Cylinders can be designed in carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SS321, other harder alloy agitators can also be used on agitator. Lining of cylinder can be polyurethane or spraying wear-resistant material.
        Mixing methods: single shaft, dual-shaft
        Agitator: blade, plough, ribbon
        Vacuum degree: -0.06~-0.09Mpa
        Heating temperature: 50-400º(outer layer with temperature protection decoration layer)

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