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Product Introduction

Pipe Chain conveyor is a conveying machine for materials like powder, granules or small lumps in continuous way. It can be in horizontal transport, combination of inclined transport and vertical transport. Chain Conveyor is a new machine developed by Siehe Industry based on introduced new technology in foreign market. It solves the problem in powder mechanical delivery of long-distance heavy materials delivery. It is the first one exist in China market.

【Conveying Distance】: Horizontal60~80m, Vertical 40~50m
【Conveying Capacity】: 8-80m³/h
【Application Industry】: Suitable for various industries such as pharmacy, food, chemical, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, coal mining and food etc.. (For more, please click “Free Consultation”)
【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for conveying powder, granules and small lump materials block in horizontal or oblique such as cement, fly ash, pesticides, titanium dioxide, paint, etc..The material temperature is less than 200 ℃. Chain conveyor is not suitable for transportation of perishable, high viscosity, or easy to agglomerate materials.


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    Product Advantages

    Environmental, no dust leakage
    Pipe Chain Conveyor do horizontal transport, vertical transport, turn in right angle or any other degree angle in the closed pipeline to prevent dust flying and environment pollution. The transported materials from inlet to the outlet are in closed working environment. No need to have dust collector at the outlet. Air can be input during materials transport.
    High Energy efficiency
    Low power consumption, big delivery capacity. Under same transport condition, its energy consumption can be reduced by 50%-80% of that of airflow conveyor, which significantly reduce the transport cost. The Min. transport driving power is only 1kw.
    Compact Structure
    Compact in structure, light in weight, small in size and no any terrain restrictions. Transport direction is easy to be located. Can be multi-point materials inlet and multi-point materials outlet. Change the transport direction in three dimension way is also possible.
    Easy to operate, intelligent production
    Simple to operate, easy to use and reduce labor intensity. Volumetric delivery device, can realize materials delivery and measuring. It is easy to implement centralized control, to enhance automation and to meet the environmental requirements of the modern enterprises.
    Structure and advantages in chosen materials
    Materials are transported along the pipe, generally no internal motion. So it generally no damage to materials. Soothing corner ensures that little materials generate debris.
    Special delivery tray with very low friction coefficient and stable transmission capacity.
    All pipe chain conveyors are with self-developed computer program, so delivery pipe and bending part shall must be with required static friction and tension force to enable to provide accurate date for the design of low-noise and low wear.

      • Pipe Chain Conveyor working principle
      • Pipe Chain Conveyor
      • Pipe Chain Conveyor

      Working Principle

      In closed pipe, taking the chain as the driving mechanism to move the materials along the pipe. When do horizontal transport, the materials under the push force in chain movement direction and move forward together with the chain, so materials flow comes into being. When do vertical transport, the materials in pipe under the continuous up-ward force from chain to stop materials falling down and also produce lateral side pressure which enhances the friction among the materials. When the friction among the materials is bigger than the friction between the materials and the wall together with the materials gravity, the materials will move up-ward together with the chain. Continuous materials flow comes into being. Powders can move along the pipe or change direction in the closed pipe in dimensional space.  Horizontal delivery distance is up to 60m. Vertical delivery distance is up to 30m.

      Typical Case

      Pipe chain Conveyor handover
      The customer is a paint manufacturer in China. The picture is a customized Pipe Chain Conveyor for transporting titanium powder.

      【Delivery Distance】:30m
      【Product Features】:Stainless Steel, Multi-outlets

        • Pipe Chain Conveyor typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Motor Power




        Conveyor Capacity


        Delivery Length








        The contact part is SS304

        STGL -160





        The contact part is SS304

        STGL -220





        The contact part is SS304

        STGL -270





        The contact part is SS304

        STGL -325





        The contact part is SS304


           * The above listed processing capacity is based on  " the proportion of 1 g/cm" as the medium when measured data. The model selection should depend on the comprehensive
              factors such as materials mesh, specific gravity etc.
           * If works under special environment such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible, corrosive etc, correct data is required for correct model selection.
           * If any changes of the data and picture,no further notice is provided.Correct parameter is based on the real object provided.
           * The sheet is not including all the products.To know more information, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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