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Product Introduction

SIEHE Industry provides various auxiliary devices for powder bins, including: level gage, pneumatic valve, rotation valve, broken device, warehouse proof dust collector, feeding station and etc to meet requirements of modern production.

【Material Featurese】: Powder with fluidity
【Application Industry】: Suitable for chemical industry, biology, pharmacy, food, paint, fertilizer, pesticide and other powder industries.( More information please click “FREE CONSUTATION”)


    • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment
    • Batching bin
    • weighing bin
    • weighing tank
    • batching bin
    • weighing bin manufacturing factory
    • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment

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    Product Advantages

    Various products, Wide application
    It can also be divided into top flat and bottom cone type, top dished end and bottom cone type, cylinder type, leg type, lug type as its structures.
    Good quality
    SIEHE industry always devotes herself into service customers with good product quality and follows the process of inspecting, auditing and recording of every procedure from designing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly to commissioning and keeps full records for checking.
    Loading cell uses international famous scale and meter which ensures high accuracy and stable.
    Non-standard customizing with diverse materials
    Containers in different materials can be customized according to its characteristics to meet customers’ requirement.

      • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment working principle
      • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment
      • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment
      • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment

      Working Principle

      Level Gage: Including mechanical type, capacitance type, permanent magnet, radio frequency admittance type, tuning-fork type, vibration rod type and etc to supervise storage volume.
      Pneumatic Valve: Including pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic flap valve, pneumatic three-way valve, pneumatic ball valve and etc. to open or close charging.
      Rotation Valve: Airiock, which can control feeding speed by adjust rotation components and are usually used in batching and air transmission.
      Broken device: Including vibratory hammer, fluidistor, gas butterfly, mechanical mixing broken device and etc., to avoid and eliminate the arch, block, adhesion, stop and etc status in bins, hoppers, infall of pipelines.
      Warehouse Roof Dust Collector: Including bag-type and filter element type filter and mainly used in air transmission to improve the production surroundings ans reduce dust.

      Typical Case

      Assistant Device of Powder Bin
      This picture show a customized flame-proof materials manufacturing plant includes many assistant devices of powder bin for a Chinese famous flame proof material manufacturer.

      【Products Content】:Level gage, pneumatic three-way valve, rotation valve, broken device, Warehouse roof dust collector

        • Powder Bin Supporting Equipment typical case

        Technical Parameter

        Function and materials are chosen according to process, for more information please contact with SIEHE sales engineer.

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