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Product Introduction

Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine is an newly-developed intelligent packing machine based on Top open Bag Semi-auto Packing Machine. It consists of auto delivering bag, sucking bag, bagging, quantitative packing, shaping and sewing and bag delivery etc. Quantitative packing adopt weight type. It uses signals sent by weighing sensor to control feeding speed to realize auto packing. It is mainly suitable for top open bag (10kg-50kg). Different types feeding ways are optional including two screw feeding, single screw feeding, big/small valve feeding, vibration feeding etc.. The machine is with wide application range suitable for packing different powders, super fine powders or granules in different industries.

【Materials】: Powder with certain fluidity
【Packing Ranges】: 10-50 kg
【Application Industry】: Suitable for packing of paint, pigment, essence, pesticide, Lithium battery materials, calcium carbonate, cement, dry-mixed mortar and etc. (More information please click FREE CONSULTATION).
【Applicable Materials】: Powder with fluidity, such as: milk powder, fodder, rice flour, sugar, coffee, aginomoto, solid drink, glucose, solid medicine, pesticide, additive in powder or particles, pigment, Titanium powder and etc.


    • Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine
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    Product Advantages

    Fast Packing Speed, Wide Application
    Different materials feeding ways are optional based on production technology to meet different requirement of packing speed and materials property.
    High automazation
    Special design, one operator can finish all work, simple and convenient. The operator just need to put the piled empty bags on the bag conveyor. 
    High Packing Accuracy and Intelligence
    Adopt international-famous Mettler-Toledo weighing sensor and the scale accuracy is up to 0.02% which ensures the packing accuracy; equipped with auto control meter to realize auto feeding; with functions of auto reset when start machine, auto weighing errors correction, power-off protection, fault detection, factory resetting, etc., shows obvious advantage of high-intelligence.  
    Environmentally-friendly, can be customized
    Can be equipped with dust collector port, connecting to dust collector to have nice working environment. Can be customized into ex-proof type, automatic type,and entire stainless steel type(meet GMP standard).

      • Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine working principle

      Working Principle

      The machine consists of control system, belt type bag conveyor, bagging device, materials feeder, weighing sensor, bag-clamping and weighing control system, pneumatic-controlled bag clamping, shaping mechanism, sewing mechanism, belt conveyor, frame, pneumatic control system. The feeding system is with double speed, fast feeding ensures production capacity, and slow feeding under the control of Inverter ensures feeding accuracy. Bag-clamping weighing system consists of weighing frame, sensor, bag clamping arm. The frame support the whole system to ensure its stability. Control system controls the valve for the materials feeding and bag-clamping. The operation procedure is as following: automatic bagging and clamp the bag in position. The storage hopper with enough materials opens valve automatically and charge bags with materials, at the same time, it weighs. When it comes to the set working point, it closes the big control valve(screw), and goes to slow feeding. When it comes to the second working point, it closes the slow speed valve(screw), then it stops feeding, displays weight and release bags automatically, shape the bag and sew it. And deliver the packed bag away.

      Typical Case

      Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine handover
      The customer headquarter is in Tunisia. It is a professional chemical raw materials manufacturer. The picture is a customized Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine

      【Packing Size】:25kg
      【Characteristics】: Fully Automatic, High packing efficiency.

        • Top open Bag Auto Packing Machine typical case

        Technical Parameter


        Air Source


        Weighing Range


        Packing Speed


        Packing Accuracy


        Division Value



        Size (L*W*H)










        The contact part is SS304




           * Special operation condition such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible and corrosive etc, details are required for correct model selection.
           * If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice.
           * The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineers for more information.

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