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Product Introduction

Automatic screw packing machine is mainly used to pack fine powders easy to be dusty and with requirement of high precision. The machine is made of stainless steel, complying with requirements of food grade and chemical corrosion resistance. It integrates mechanical, electrical, optical, instrument into one, SCM control, with functions of auto weighing, auto filling, auto correct weighing error, auto track and correct the error due to different materials level and different specific gravity.

【Materials】: Powders with certain fluidity
【Packing Ranges】: 100-5000g
【Application Industry】: Suitable for packing of food, pharmacy, essence, chemical, pesticide, lithium battery materials, construction materials etc.. (More information please click FREE CONSULTATION).
【Applicable Materials】: Powders or small granules with good fluidity or bag fluidity but even density, such as: flour, coco powder, solid drink, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, veterinary medicine, glucose, solid medicine, powder additive, toner powder, talcum powder, pesticides, dyes, flavors and fragrances


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    • Vertical Screw Packing Machine

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    Product Advantages

    High sanitary
    The surface of the machine excluding the motor are all made of stainless steel. Combined transparent materials hopper can be disassembled for clean without any tools.
    High Packing Accuracy and Intelligence
    Adopting servo motor to drive the screw makes it anti-abrasive, precise in positioning, settable in speed and stable in performance. Adopting PLC control makes it with better working stability, stronger Interference ability, higher weighing accuracy.
    Convenient Operation
    With Chinese-English Touch Screen, display working states, operation indication, malfunction state and production statistics, easy and intuitive operation. Save formula of the products, max. can be up to 10
    Environmentally-friendly, wide application range
    Replace the screw to adapt to various superfine powders and also small particles. For materials with good fluidity, equip an centrifugal device at the outlet to ensure the accuracy. For dusty materials, equip dust collecting device at the materials outlet to remove sprayed-back dust.

      • Vertical Screw Packing Machine working principle

      Working Principle

      The machine consists of feeding system, weighing system, control system and frame. The packing process is like this: Manually put bags/containers in place →lift the container →feed fast and bags/containers descend → close to set weight→ feed slow→ come to set weight→ take bags/containers out manually. The feel head is with hand to adjust height, capable to pack bags of various specifications. Meanwhile, the fixed screw installation structure will not affect the properties of materials. The servo motor drives tray up and down, and lifting speed can be set at will. It is almost no environment pollution due to dust flying during packing process. The control system adopts PLC control and touch screen display, easy to operate.

      Typical Case

      Vertical Screw Packing Machine handover
      The client was founded in 1902 and headquartered in St. Paul, Minn.USA. It is the world famous multinational corporations for diversified products. The picture is a customized Vertical Screw Packing Machine with screw feeder for packing 5kg powders, quantitatively charge the materials to mixing production line.

      【Packing Size】:5kg
      【Characteristics】:With feeding screw, semi-auto packing

        • Vertical Screw Packing Machine typical case
        • Vertical Screw Packing Machine
        • Vertical Screw Packing Machine

        Technical Parameter


        Air Source


        Weighing Range


        Packing Speed


        Packing Accuracy


        Motor Power


        The contact part is SS304

        Size (L*W*H)










        Contacting part with materials is SS304









        Contacting part with materials is SS304




           * Special operation condition such as high temperature, high pressure, explosive, combustible and corrosive etc, details are required for correct model selection.
           * If any change in the above table, subject shall prevail without notice.
           * The table cannot include all products, please contact with our sales engineers for more information.

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