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Product Introduction

Airflow sieve is a kind of high accuracy sieving equipment for micro powder with sieve, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper making, metallurgy, building materials, rubber, mechanical and other industries. It can sieving continuously for powders with fineness range within 80-500mesh. The sieving screen can be replaced at any time. Airflow sieving machine is with following features: high screening efficiency, large output, precise fineness, without bigger size than required or powders with different sizes mixed together, screen is vertically installed and does not load, long service life, adapt to the wide fineness range, fully closed structure, no dust overflow scattered, low energy consumption, little noise, can continuous operation, and easy maintenance.

【Sieving Fineness】: 80~500 mesh
【Application Industry】: Suitable for sieving materials in industries such as Food, paper making, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, chemical, dyestuff etc.. (For more application industry, please click “Free Consultation”)
【Applicable Materials】: Applicable for particle-size segregation situation, such as food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, pigments, ceramic material, alumina, silica sand, coating material, metal powder, Chinese herbal medicine etc.


    • Airflow Sieving

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    Product Advantages

    Airflow sieve have the functions of air feeding, mass can be crushed by the feeding machine and coarse sieving by the airflow. So it can save the investment of the feeding machine and the cost for the machine running and maintenance. And also its service life will be extended to more than 10 times, output keep in stable increasing, less power consumption, and the finished products will be with better quality.
    It is widely used in all kinds of fine powders difficult to screen, and can get good sieving result for powders with size 50-500 mesh such as the light calcium powder, activated calcium powder, activated carbon powder, starch, powder, fly ash, zinc powder, graphite powder, quartz powder, gold powder, clay powder, hawthorn powder, fruit powder, calcium hydroxide powder, pesticide powder, konjac powder, fluorescent powder, wood powder, flour, epoxy powder, manganese dioxide, sulfur powder, alumina powder, bakelite powder, magnesium oxide, perlite powder, iron powder, cotton linter, etc.
    High screening efficiency: Sieving rate is up to 95% and the output is 5 to 10 times higher than that of vibrating screen ;
    Wide fineness range: It is ok for powders with size from 80-500mesh. precise fineness, without bigger size than required or powders with different sizes mixed together.
    Sieving screen: vertical installation, no weight load, long service life;
    Cleaning: screening program carry out under negative and semi-cycle state, without dust pollution;
    As a supporting device: It can with all kinds of grinding machines, air pipelines ;
    Environmental protection: low noise, low power consumption, continuous operation, reduce maintenance.

      • Airflow Sieving working principle

      Working Principle

      Theoretically, airflow sieve has abandoned traditional principle of gravitational potential energy, opened up a new way of sieving by fluid kinetic energy. It takes the high-speed airflow under closed condition as carrier and have the fully distributed powders jetted to the sieving screen with strong enough kinetic energy, so the powders are classified rapidly.
      Informally: Fully taking use of the powders feature of small and light, easy to float, and with good fluidity, Airflow sieve distributes the powders into the airflow, the powders will not cake again but go through the sieve with the airflow one particle by one particle. So it is characterized in big output, high efficiency, not sticky to the sieve, not block the mesh, high accuracy.

      Typical Case

      Airflow Sieve handover
      Siehe Industry will choose sieve according to the production process for the powder production system we have supplied. The picture on the right is the airflow sieve provided for a famous chemical industry enterprise.

      【Screening Fineness】:200~500 mesh

        • Airflow Sieving typical case

        Technical Parameter



        Max particlesmesh

        Specification of mesh sizemesh

        Main shaft speedrpm


        Sieving outer diametermm

        Total heightmm




















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