Service and Support

Technical Advantage

Concentration: SIEHE Industry devotes herself to the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of liquid and powder equipment. We have a complete product chain including: dispersing equipment, milling equipment, emulsifying equipment, mixing equipment, delivering and batching equipment, containers and packing equipment, process control equipment. Beside providing individual machinery, we also can provide turn-key project for our customers. We have a professional pre-sales team to recommend and choose the most suitable and economical equipment for our customers based on thorough mutual communication.

Experience: In the long manufacturing practice, SIEHE have gathered and trained a high-quality team of engineers with rich experience in the chemical and machinery industry. With advanced design concepts, robust design ideas, solid technical foundation and rich experience in design and manufacturing, our technician have successfully provided reasonable solution and plan for producers in food, medicine, paints, inks, resins, pigments, adhesives, pesticides, building materials, lubricants, lithium battery materials, dyeing, textile auxiliaries and other industries, and received high acclaim from all our customers.

Cooperation: Every engineer from SIEHE Industry has his own specialty. Some have rich experience in mixing equipment, some have profound and unique understanding about the Beads Mill, some are good at system production process design, some have a good command of instrument and electric apparatus etc.. Design team strictly follow the company’s design process and have a close coordination among colleagues to deliver satisfying service to all our customers.

Development: ”Talents are the foundation for long-time development of an enterprise ”, SIEHE Industry attach great importance to cultivate people. We recruit high-quality students from colleges and universities to enrich technical team. On the other hand, we also cultivate front-line workers who are with good ability, ready to learn and work hard. Though conscientious training and self-training, you can feel a good learning atmosphere and strong development trend everywhere in the company. Meanwhile, combing with the needs of the time, SIEHE Technical Department takes the lead in importing and using Solidworks three-dimensional design and computer simulation system.

Innovation : Siehe industry, with a mission of “ innovate independently, lead the market”, devotes herself in products research, development and applications for a long period. For instant, our nano-level wet grinding, vacuum drying system, multi-functional dispersing, emulsifying and grinding equipment and other equipment have gained many patents for invention and utility models, in addition, these equipment are also put into reality manufacture and get customers high praised. At the same time,  we actively do close cooperation with colleges and Institutes of different industries to develop high-tech new products continuously, which promotes the innovation and development of liquid & powder equipment significantly.