Service and Support

Single Series Machines

1) In the early stage of the communicate, we will provide different Product Inquiry Forms to customers. Our experienced engineer team will introduce and recommend the most suitable machines for customers based the filled form. For customized products, we will make solutions according to customers’ requirements and solve the technical difficulties.
2) After two sides sign the contract, Technical Department will do general drawings for the ordered equipment in a time as short as possible to customers to confirm. If any improvement is required, we will revise the drawings until the most reasonable design is confirmed mutually.
3) When the machines are ready, we will provide free test service for the machines in our factory. We will introduce the function features, operation and maintenance etc in details to customers. And we will also provide detailed Product Manual for customers to use the machine easily.
4)After the machine arrived to the customers’ factory, we will keep in touch with the customers to give solutions in time if necessary to ensures the smooth machine star-up. After the customers use the machine, if any problem from customers, we will respond and resolve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our machine technology is updating always. And we will keep our customers informed if any new update and provide product upgrading service for old machines if required.

System Production Line and Project

1)In the early stages of project, our project team, including process engineers, piping engineers, structure engineers, equipment engineers, instrument engineers, electrical engineers, etc,  will communicate with customers. Our engineers have rich experience in design and site working. At this stage, we will provide customers with factory layout, equipment layout, flow chart etc for free.
2) After the initial plan is basically confirmed, our Cost Engineer will do initial project cost calculation for the user’ confirmation. And both sides can adjust the project according to project budget, and make appropriate changes in production technology or configuration on condition that system functions are ensured.
3)When the initial plan and price are basically approved, we will send a project team to do site inspection and negotiation. Both sides will make final confirmation on the plan and price.
4) We will maintain close contact with customers in the project production process, and coordinate all related departments well to ensure the equipment can be delivered on time.
5)After the equipment arrive at the site, we will send a professional engineering service team to be responsible for overall project installation, commissioning and training (including system operation and equipment maintenance etc.). We will not leave the site until the users can do all operation on their own smoothly without any problem.
6)In the sequent products production, if any problem occurs, we will respond and resolve it in the shortest time. Meanwhile, our machine technology is updating and we will keep our customers informed if any new update and provide equipment upgrading service for previous machines if required.