Haber Merkezi

Haber Merkezi

Delivery of High Standard & High Capacity Planetary Mixer


Recently, SIEHE industry has delivered the SXJB-1500 double planetary mixer to one of famous enterprise in Shanghai, Tianjin branch. At present, the equipment has come into use. 

This enterprise was founded in 1992. At present, it has three production bases in Nantou, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Its major product is high-end resin in mew material----composite industry, which is mainly used in high corrosion-resistant materials, blades used in wind power generation, high strength light composite and LED packaging, etc.

There exist several difficulties and features for the equipment and in the operating conditions: 

A. Material features:

1) With high viscosity, dynamic viscosity is approx 1,000,000cps;

2) Big density difference, with big density 3 g/cm³ and small density 0.05 g/cm³;

B. Working process:

1) Adopting steam heating, the highest working temperature is 90℃; Water cooling; heating and cooling with good efficiency and high accuracy of temperature control;

2) Vacuum degree is up to -0.095Mpa and the lower, the better; the vacuum pumping should be efficient and the vacuum pressure should be maintained;

3) With good dispersing effect, adopting double high-speed dispersing shafts, rotation speed 1200rpm;

C. Equipment features:

1) High configuration: ABB explosion proof motor and inverter, SEW reducer, SKF bearing, Siemens electric components;

2) Customized designed cleaning device due to the difficulty in cleaning adhesive materials;

3) High automation; adopting automatic track system, which can realize continuous working including mixing, extruding and cleaning; with PLC and explosion proof touch screen, can record the production process, dates can be saved and easy to find;

With strong technical strength, big production capacity and high-quality service, SIEHE Industry has overcome various difficulties and successfully delivered the adhesive production line comparable to those imported, which has received praise from the client.


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